I know mamas all over were super excited when Young Living released its Seedlings line of products formulated just for babies. But what about all of us without kiddos? Well, I’m here to show you some ingenious ways to use this line of products. From baby wipes to diaper cream, there are numerous ways us non-parents can use Seedlings products.

12 Ways to Use Seedlings Products

Seedlings Baby Wipes

Need a quick clean up?

Whether you’re wiping your hands before a meal, tidying up the interior of your car, or freshening after a hike or on a campout, these baby wipes are perfect.

Make Up Removers

Of course, the wipes contain no harsh chemicals and are great for the most sensitive skin. And can I tell you how wonderful the aroma of the Calm essential oil blend is? They are so great for removing make up on-the-go.

Dryer Sheets

Since you can’t purchase the Calm essential oil blend by itself, use the baby wipes to get amazing smelling laundry. Double team with your wool dryer balls to knock out static.

Seedlings Linen Spray

Linen Spray

I mean, why do amazing smelling sheets only belong in baby’s room? Single girls need sleep too!

Seedlings Baby Oil

Add to Your Bath

†Studies have shown that women who bathe lavender essential oil have less anger and frustration and a better sense of well-being than women who bathe in baths without lavender. Um. . .yes please.

Shave Oil

When you just can’t get enough of that light, sweet aroma. This will give you a comfortable shave and leave your legs oh-so-smooth.

Seedlings Baby Lotion

Moisturize Sensitive Skin

The lotion contains no retinyl palmitate, animal ingredients, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes. Plus, its dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. Perfect for even the most hypersensitive skin.

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream

Prevent Chafing

In some areas, sweating is inevitable, especially during hot summer months. Reduce irritation in those sensitive areas by applying a dab of diaper rash cream before repeated movement, like hiking or exercising.

Under Eye Concealer

That’s right. The first time I saw someone do this, I was blown away. A small amount of diaper rash cream applied under the eyes will give you a refreshed, brighter look. Read more about it here.

Soothe Razor Burn

A little diaper rash cream can greatly diminish irritation from hasty shaving.

Seedlings Baby Wash & Shampoo

Bathe Your Pets

Just like the rest of the Seedlings line, these products are ultra mild for the most sensitive skin. They work great for bathing pets because they won’t burn their eyes or other sensitive areas.

Seedlings Gift Bundle

Can You Say Baby Shower Gift with PV?

What mom-to-be wouldn’t love to receive a bundle of all of the above plus a fluffy, soft towel and wash cloth? You know your sister, cousin, neighbor, best friend, and high school roommate need healthy products for their little ones.

Do you have other ways to use Seedlings Products?

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