It was with a heavy heart that Young Living learned of the death of founder Gary Young. Gary was a man who changed countless numbers of lives, including mine.

The Myth Became Man

Before I started working for Young Living, I looked at Gary as larger than life. He was the founder of the modern day essential oil movement. A man driven by passion to better the world, genuine belief in the power of essential oils, and a relentless commitment to innovation.

Back in 2014, there was a job opening at Young Living for the Director of Education. I was set on fire. This job was mine; I could taste it.  I took a chance, and I called the only Diamond that I knew at the time. Thankfully, she shared my enthusiasm for me getting the job. She spent the entire day calling, emailing, texting, and messaging on my behalf.  By noon the next day, I had a call with Jared Turner and was preparing to fly to Utah for an interview. I flew in a couple of days early to look for houses because I was not leaving the offices without the position. I was getting this job.

Following a full day of interviews, I went back to my hotel. About an hour later, I got a call: Come back to the office because Gary wants to meet you. I drew in a deep breath, and drove back to the office. In I walked to Travis Ogden’s office, with Travis, Jared, Mary and Gary all in the room. Gary took a quick glance at my curriculum vitae and then pushed it aside. He asked me about my essential oil journey, how I learned about to Young Living. He and Mary both expressed how much they loved it that I was already a Young Living member before applying to join corporate. Gary liked my fearlessness with oils, that I chose to take oils internally, and that the mission and vision of the company inspired me.

Then Came a Question that Stopped Me Dead in my Tracks

“So, Lindsey, what do you think about the oils?” Gary asked. Nowadays, I think a lot about oils. I think about the chemistry. If they are safe in this disease state or that one. If they should be combined or used alone. A million variations on ‘think about oils.’ But back then, it was more of a ‘feel about oils.’ I felt strongly about essential oils, loved them dearly, and used them daily, but I am not sure I had many clear, cognizant thoughts about them at that point.

When he posed the question, I stopped dead in my tracks. I had a micro moment of panic because there was not a thought in my head about essential oils, there was a lot of feeling, but no thought. But then the answer came straight out of my heart: “Gary, the oils changed my life. They changed everything about my life. Everything.”

Jared then stands up and says “Gary it seems like you like her; let’s hire her.” I bit the inside of my cheeks and challenged myself not to cry.

There Was Still One Thing

After Jared posed the question, Gary paused for a moment. “If you’ve come this far, you have to come and see the farm before you go.” I responded that I would love to, but my flight left at 11 am the next day. Gary said, great Jared will pick you up at 6 am.  I agreed, though not without some hidden reluctance.  I walked out the office with the job.

The next morning I spent time learning distillation directly from Gary and he showed me some of his favorite oils.

Gary and His Legacy Lives On

Though we will miss Gary, the best part of his story is that his legacy will live on for many years to come. Each of us has the honor to carry his banner. Gary taught me so much about how to speak the truth you know, and I am honored to be a part of his continuing history.