The Australian Kuranya essential oil blend is the newest addition to the Young Living essential oil collection. It is a combination of eight single essential oils grown and distilled in Australia. Therefore, the name Kuranya, meaning “rainbow”, pretty much sums up this blend. 

This new blend is the first Young Living product to carry the D. Gary Young Research Institute seal on the label. This is an assurance that Gary’s tradition of quality and innovation is upheld in the production of this new product.

The Oils that Make Up the Blend


The primary use of fennel is supporting healthy digestion. Historically, warriors applied fennel to bring strength and courage. Because it strengthens the solar plexus, it may also support self awareness and assertiveness.


This shrub, long-known for its therapeutic properties, grows prolifically on the island of Tasmania, Australia. In fact, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (similar to the U.S. FDA), recognizes this plant for its medicinal properties.

Kunzea contains 1,8-cineole, also known as eucalyptol. This compound interacts with potassium and calcium channels in your brain. Hence, many studies suggest a soothing effect. It also contains other sesquiterpenes, which sooth the nervous system and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Lemon Myrtle

Australian Aborigines have enjoyed this indigenous plant as a tea and medicinal herb for over 40,000 years. Additionally, lemon myrtle’s uplifting citrus scent is great for aromatic applications. Not only that, but the primary constituent, geraniol, has antioxidant properties.

Blue Cypress

The indigenous Tiwi people of Australia use crushed leaves of the blue cypress tree as a skin cleanser and moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying in the desert climate. They even “diffuse” the  wood by burning bits of bark on hot stones to create vapor.

Blue Cypress is grounding, balancing, and supportive of the root and sacral chakras. Plus, it has a mildly sweet, woody aroma and can calm the emotions when used aromatically.

Sacred Sandalwood

Sandalwood makes a great addition to skincare products as a cooling, smoothing agent. In addition to balancing the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems, sandalwood is both calming as well as emotionally uplifting.

Eucalyptus Radiata

Most people know eucalyptus is great for providing respiratory support. It’s bright aroma is also mildly stimulating and can help combat fatigue.

Tea Tree

For centuries, tea tree has been a staple among Australian Aborigines. It is commonly found in skin preparations and applied as a natural deodorant.

Melaleuca ericifolia

Because of its mild aroma, this variety of Melaleuca is sometimes called lavender tea tree. It is much milder than other varieties of tea tree. It also contains eucalyptol and is very calming and soothing. Ancient Australian peoples commonly used oil from the leaves of this tree to soothe skin disorders.

Uses for Kuranya Essential Oil

  • Promote Healthy Skin: All of the oils included in this blend are beneficial for the skin. Try adding a drop to your moisturizer to sooth your skin.
  • Diffuse: The fresh, woody scent of this oil will uplift your environment while purifying the air.
  • Use in Cleaning: Add a few drops to your household cleaner for an added boost.
  • Apply Topically: Apply to your chest for a breath of fresh air or to jump start your day.

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