Love the Shape You Are, I’ll Do it Too

When I first saw this picture, I hated it. Look at how fat my belly looks, ugh, couldn't I have stood up a little straighter? Pulled my navel to my spine a little bit better? But after staring at it a while, I got over myself and saw the joy in the photo.

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Unnecessary Objects: A Month of Not Shopping

I decided to give this whole minimalism thing a try. If you haven’t heard of the book or the documentary, it basically makes the assertion that we consume way more than we need in search of happiness.

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Confused About Essential Oils?

There is so much misinformation online about essential oils! Do they interact with medicines? Are they safe for children? This free ebook answers a few of the most common questions about essential oils. After reading this book. you can separate fact from fiction, and decide for yourself how you choose to use essential oils.


#olw2017 Learn

Learning is the act of acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information.

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Reflections on Christmas

The time of holidays can be a joyful one. A time to gather with friends and family, eat comforting food, play games, and reunite with people you only see maybe once a year.

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