Why All the Label Colors?

Young Living is known for their bright colors, especially on their oil bottles, so you may question what the colors of the bottles signify. Though I do not know for sure, in the past, there may have been a time that the oils were labeled based on their energetic properties or relationship to the chakras. Nowadays, the essential oil bottle label colors reflect the color of the botanicals contained within the oil.

But there are some label colors in Young Living’s product line that do have significant meaning: the colors on the supplement labels. Supplements come in three different colors: blue, green, and red, and each of these has a very specific meaning.

Blue Labels

master formula package box

The blue labels are for foundational nutrition such as Master Formula, OmegaGize3, and Longevity. Most of these supplements provide core building blocks for the function of the body, including vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Longevity, on the other hand, provides essential oils that protect these building blocks.

If someone is brand new to Young Living’s supplements, the blue ones are a great place to start. While not everyone is familiar with the names of Young Living’s supplements, most people are familiar with general categories of supplements such as multivitamins, individual vitamins (such as vitamin D, C, or B), omega-3s, probiotics, or minerals. Look for the blue labels when you want these familiar supplements.

Green Labels

comforting bottle

The green labels are for cleansing nutrition such JuvaTone, ICP, Comfortone, and Rehemogen. When you think of supplements with green labels, I want you to remember the gut. These supplements primarily cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. Whether bulking up the stool, supporting the muscles that propel stool out of the body, absorbing toxins, or cleansing the liver or intestines, these supplements generally have a role in digestion and detoxification.

agilease bottle

Red Labels

The red labels provide targeted nutrition such as Sulfurzyme, Essentialzyme, PowerGize, and Pure Protein Complete. Targeted nutrition serves a specific purpose, and not every supplement is appropriate for every person. The red labels span a wide variety of supplements. First, there are the endocrine system support supplements such as Thyromin, PD 80/20, FemiGen, and Estro. Then athletic support supplements such as Pure Protein Complete, PowerGize, and AgilEase. Additionally, there are digestive enzymes such as Essentialzyme and Detoxzyme. Products with red labels support a specific part of the body or provide a key ingredient for a bodily process.

How to Apply this Information

Knowing this system of labeling is a great way to adjust your thinking when one products is out of stock. For example, if you take AgilEase for joint support, but it is out of stock, consider a supplement with a red label such as Sulfurzyme or PowerGize.

The next time that Young Living’s array of supplements seems daunting, just remember your label colors. While the blue, green, and red system isn’t 100% foolproof, it will get you closer to a great choice.

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