I am borderline obsessed with the Face Blaster and Essential Beauty Serum combination. Several weeks ago, I posted a blog post on the combination of the Fascia Blaster and Cell-Lite Magic. As a result, Ashley Black’s team was kind enough to send me a Face Blaster and Master Blaster as a thank you gift.

Here’s How to Use The Face Blaster

Technique is the most important piece of the puzzle to getting results safely and effectively. To correctly use the Blaster devices, you must first start with fatty oil. I chose to combine the face blaster with Young Living’s Essential Beauty Serum. The serum contains cedarwood, coconut, avocado, blue cypress, rosehip, jojoba, lavender, myrrh, clove, wolfberry, and sandalwood oils. It also contains vitamin E, a skin-nourishing fatty oil. Apply the Beauty Serum or another fatty oil before beginning any Face Blaster routine. Be sure to apply the oil to the neck and decolletage.

Once you have applied fatty oil all over the neck and face, very gently run the Blaster over the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, jawline, neck, and very center of chest. The Blaster devices are designed to reduce the number of fat cells. Unless you are looking to decrease fullness in the cleavage area, be sure to avoid the upper area of the breast.

Use the Blasters in straight lines instead of circular motions. Bruising may result from excessive pressure or lack of fatty oil. Never allow the skin to feel stretched. If you feel the skin stretching, apply additional fatty oil. It is especially important to use the blaster gently on the delicate skin on the face. Do not apply intense pressure or use the device for any longer than is comfortable. I suggest getting used to the Fascia Blaster before you use the Face Blaster.

I noticed some pimples during the first week that I used the Blaster, but they healed quickly without much effort. Not sure if the oil helped to pull oils and toxins out of my skin or if the Face Blaster mobilized some toxins. Either way, the whiteheads didn’t last and haven’t been back. Better to get the toxins out rather than leave them in.

Why Use a Face Blaster?

The Face Blaster may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines. Because of the tiny claws, it can also be used on small joints in the hands and feet.

Want to Get Your Own Blasters?

Follow these links to purchase your Fascia Blaster, Master Blaster, Face Blaster, Mini2, and Nugget. If you are brand new to the Blaster game, I suggest starting with the Mini2.

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