Two of the most coveted collections by Young Living are the Freedom Release and Freedom Sleep kits. Grab these right away when they are in stock because they never stay for long. But what is so special about these freedom kits? Here we will look at each oil in these collections and explain how to use the Freedom Essential Oil Collections to reclaim your inner peace and harmony and catch some z’s.


The google dictionary definition of freedom is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” Let’s unpack this a bit more. Freedom involves having the self-determination to exercise independence from any undesirable thing that tries to hold you back. It is being free from any physical, mental, or spiritual hindrance or restraint. Having freedom means you are at peace. Freedom is the absence of fear. It means that no emotional trauma, or stigma, or force of another person or thing holds you back from your true identity and ability to walk with your head held high.

Can essential oils really do all that?

Ok, for real, freedom is not something you can get from a bottle. Rather, it is something that already lives within yourself. The problem is that it is often hidden away and covered up by all kinds of other junk, like emotional issues, past hurts, addictions, and faulty mindsets.

Here is where essential oils come in. For many people, the powerful little molecules in essential oils hold promise to facilitate release and the ability to overcome those hindrances. The complex chemical constituents of essential oils interact with emotional centers in your brain that may lead to recovery. To learn more about this process, check out this post on Emotions and Essential Oils.

The Freedom Essential Oil Collections

Gary Young selected the oils in the Freedom Collections to do just that. The unique combinations of blends are designed to gently unlock those hidden issues and reveal the inner freedom that is waiting to be uncovered. Although these collections were designed to work together to help relieve emotional baggage and promote peace, many people enjoy using just one kit or even individual oils from the kits as needed.

The Freedom Sleep Collection

Gary formulated the Freedom Sleep Collection to help re-establish a flow of positive energy throughout the body. This results in improved relaxation and calming of the mind for a more peaceful sleep. Sleep is necessary for rejuvenating the body and mind to restore the ability to overcome life’s challenges.

The oils in the collection

  • Freedom essential oil blend – encourages a positive energy flow throughout the body. It also enhances the other blends in the kit.
  • AromaSleep essential oil blend – calming, relaxing, and balancing, both physically and emotionally.
  • Inner Harmony essential oil blend – promotes harmony, balance, and spiritual awareness. It stimulates the release of negative memories, calms the mind, and fosters peace.
  • Valor essential oil blend – formulated to balance energies and instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem, which helps to overcome anger and negative emotions. Encourages a feeling of self-control, and eases frustration. Valor also balances the root, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye chakras.

The Freedom Release Collection

The oils in the Freedom Release Collection help restore a sense of balance and harmony. They help release feelings of anger and promote forgiveness, and encourage joy and love. This kit may increase clarity of thought and a more positive outlook on life.

The oils in the collection

  • Freedom essential oil blend (see above description)
  • Joy essential oil blend – helps cope with grief, and helps relax and calm the mind. Promotes well being and joy, thus releasing negative memories and thoughts.
  • Transformation essential oil blend – a powerful blend that facilitates the unlocking of repressed memories from deep recesses of the mind. As a result, it stimulates a positive transformation of thought and energy.
  • Divine Release essential oil blend – helps release anger and promotes forgiveness. Opens the root, solar plexus, throat, and third eye chakras.
  • T.R. Care essential oil blend – reduces stress and uplifts emotions. T.R. stands for trauma release, and this blend helps unlock past emotional blockages and also restores confidence and equilibrium.

How to use the Freedom Collections

Each blend in the collections is labeled with suggested instructions for usage. You may just feel led to use one or two blends, or you may want to experiment with several of them. The 60-day protocol below is a suggested method for using both collections together to overcome deeply rooted emotional issues and improve consistent sleep. Each day, apply the oils listed in the morning and prior to bed.

Days 1-30: Freedom Sleep Collection

  1. Freedom: 2 drops to the bottom of each foot
  2. AromaSleep: 2 drops to the back of the neck 
  3. Valor: 2 drops over the heart 
  4. Inner Harmony: 1 drop on each wrist

Days 31-60: Freedom Release Collection

  1. Freedom: 2 drops to the bottom of each foot
  2. Joy: 2 drops over the heart 
  3. Transformation: 2 drops on each wrist 
  4. Divine Release: 2 drops on the temples or crown
  5. T.R. Care: 1 drop on the edges of each ear

As you apply the oils, focus your thoughts on releasing that which no longer serves you in a positive way. Instead of dwelling on any negativity you wish to release, just calm your mind and don’t force anything. A sense of positive expectation will help facilitate release as well.

What is your favorite way to use the Freedom Essential Oil Collections? Comment below with your suggestion or testimony!

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