Club Hangout August 30, 2018: Creating Perfect Blends with Essential Oils

In this Hangout, I share what I have learned about aromatherapy theories of how to create perfect blends and aromas for diffusing, DIYs and perfumes. You’ll learn about combining oils by botanical family, scent group, perfume note, and a super interesting theory called As Above/So Below.

Club Hangout June 26, 2018: Yoga Class

Grab your mat and bring your favorite stretch pants for this Yoga Club Hangout! No worries for you beginners, we will keep it simple! We will be practicing our breath control (pranayama), doing an easy-to-follow flow sequence (vinyasa), and then ending with yoga nidra (“dream union yoga”).

Club Hangout July 31, 2018: Aroma Yoga

Join me for another Aroma Yoga Class! Grab your frankincense, lemon, and cedarwood essential oils and get ready for some breathing and stretching exercises that will leave you refreshed and relaxed!

Club Hangout July 16, 2018: Balancing Chakras

In this Hangout, I talk through balancing chakras. I know that for some of you that chakras may be a very foreign concept, so I keep it really simple!

 You’ll learn what the chakras are, where they are located, and how to enhance them or tone them down to bring them into balance. In the video, I cover essential oils, crystals, and yoga moves. 

Club Hangout August 19, 2018: Hidden Gems of Young Living

In this video, I share all about the hidden gems of Young Living.

Ever had a YL product that you don’t know what it is for or who should use it? Then this is the Hangout for you. I go through all the products that are in the product catalog that you may have never heard of or simply do not know the who, when, or why.

I also cover the tinctures, little known supplements, and a few essential oils that you may have never tried.

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