What is Lavaderm After Sun Lotion?

Many people think of Young Living’s After Sun Lotion as just that. . . and After Sun Lotion. But it is so much more than that. Lavaderm After Sun Lotion contains menthol from peppermint, and this produces a cooling sensation on the skin. This cooling action not only soothes skin after tanning for a bit too long. It also relieves pain and itching associated with scrapes, cuts, burns, insect bites, and minor skin irritation.

Jungle Woes

On a recent trip, I was in Thai jungle for over a month. I spent a ton of time in the sun (of course wearing Mineral Sunscreen Lotion). After every post-beach shower, I was sure to apply the After Sun Lotion. After sun, the lotion gives much needed moisture from aloe and lavender and helichrysum essential oils. Moisture is so important after sun, especially at the beach, because the sun and salt really dry out the skin. Using the Lavaderm After Sun Spray can reduce the amount of moisturizer that you need, and prevent those horribly itchy after sun blues.

The sun was honestly the least of my worries.

I thought that the mosquitoes were a problem, and yes I got a ton of bites from them. But during my second week in the jungle, the locals decided it would be a great idea to fumigate the jungle and kill the mosquitoes. This put all the biting gnats on high alert.  And they started biting. And biting. And biting. I had dozens of microscopic bites everywhere. Swarms of biting gnats attacked my legs and stomach, and it was not a pleasant experience. I then learned the power of the After Sun Spray in preventing itching associated with bites. And, at least in my mind, the bites seemed to heal a bit faster than I thought they would.

And it got worse.

Because I was living in a part of the jungle with no air conditioning, and was doing yoga for several hours a day, I was covered in sweat. Constantly. Like never ending sweat. For the first time in years, I developed a heat rash. I had forgotten how annoying and itchy and painful these buggers are. Thankfully, I had the aftersun lotion to help.

Heat rash, bug bites, and suntan, oh my!

Thankfully this little gem of a product works for it all. And honestly, the Mineral Sunscreen Lotion and the Lavaderm After Sun Spray are the best 1-2 punch.

But, why won’t it spray?!

The formula of Lavaderm After Sun Lotion is really cool.  Believe it or not it is a semi-solid gel inside the bottle and only becomes a liquid when shaken with some force. Liquids like this are known as thixotropic agents, and it is very important to shake the bottle well before attempting to spray onto the skin. If you don’t it is next to impossible to get the gel to transform into a liquid and into a sprayable form. I like to give it a couple of good hard smacks against my hand before spraying. Also, be sure not to ignore that new straw that comes in the packaging. Be sure to change the straws before use so you are able to get the product out the bottle.

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