Young Living Longevity essential oil blend is a lesser-known oil. However, this blend definitely deserves more attention than it receives. It is available in three forms: as a Vitality oil for dietary usage, an essential oil for topical and aromatic usage, and in capsules as a dietary supplement. Here are the benefits of this unique blend.

When looking at the oils that make up this blend, one notable characteristic is the high concentration of antioxidants. But what does that really mean and how does it benefit the aging process?

Free Radicals 

Let’s clear up the mystery of what, exactly, free radicals are and how they cause cell damage.

A free radical is an atom that lacks an electron. Therefore, it is electronically unstable. The electron deficit causes the atom to be highly reactive. It is on a mission to satisfy its need for electrons, so it goes around stealing electrons from other atoms. When an atom steals an electron from a healthy neighbor, it creates another free radical. In this way, there is a domino-like effect termed oxidative stress.

Free radicals are in part a natural byproduct of normal metabolism. Our bodies have mechanisms to handle them and prevent extensive damage. But when we add in free radicals from external stressors, such as radiation, toxins in air, food and water, tobacco smoke, chemical irritants, and other toxins, our bodies need a little help. Avoiding these physiological and environmental stresses and pollutants is the obvious answer. However, unless you live in a bubble, it is impossible to avoid all sources of free radicals, no matter how hard you try.

What Does Oxidative Stress Look Like?

On the outside, oxidative stress can look like sagging, wrinkled skin as well as dry, brittle hair and nails. On the inside, free radicals increase inflammation and break down your immune system, which can lead to a variety of health problems. Namely, oxidative stress accelerates the degenerative changes associated with aging.

Antioxidants, please

Enter antioxidants. Antioxidants are atoms or molecules that have extra electrons. They carry electrons around like spare tires, ready to donate and share with broken-down free radicals. In this way, they are the superheroes of this story. Not only do they repair free radical damage, but also prevent oxidative stress. Because free radical damage is unavoidable and ongoing, you simply cannot have too many antioxidants.

Longevity Essential Oil Blend

Now that we have the science lesson out of the way, let’s have a look at the oils that make up this blend. 


Thyme essential oil contains thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol. Importantly, all three of these chemical constituents are effective antioxidants.


Clove contains eugenol as well. In fact, it has the highest concentration of this valuable compound available in an essential oil.


Like thyme, orange contains many constituents high in antioxidants that can slow the progression of age-related complaints. Among these are: α-pinenelimonenelinalool, and geraniol.


Frankincense is a treasured essential oil used widely for its therapeutic benefits. It has protective benefits to nearly every system of the body. Not only is frank a favorite in skin preparations, it also stimulates cognitive function and prevents widespread cellular damage.

How to Use Longevity

Because Longevity is available in three forms, the answer is really up to you!

Topically: Use Longevity essential oil topically to combat the signs of premature aging. Be sure to dilute with a carrier oil and test on a small area first. Also, as with all citrus oils, be sure to use caution when going into the sun.

Aromatically: Diffuse Longevity essential oil to promote cognitive function and improve mood.

Internally: Try adding Longevity essential oil supplement to your daily regimen to support immune function and whole-body health. Or add a few drops of Longevity Vitality essential oil to your water or other beverage to enjoy the effects of this blend.

Have you tried this blend? What are your favorite uses for it?

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