Your all-access pass to education, events, and a community of #farmacistas dedicated to learning with fun.

What you get


The Club is the perfect pass to in-depth information about essential oils, supplements, personal care, and home care products. On the website, you’ll receive:

  • Access to all the 101 content.
  • Access to all the 201 content.
  • In-depth videos and handouts not available anywhere else teach you more complicated science concepts, including:
    • Emotions and essential oils
    • Comparing digestive enzymes
    • Potential allergens in Young Living products, and more.
  • Short safety videos ensure you using essential oils with care. Topics include:
    • Using essential oils with blood pressure, diabetes, or blood thinning medicines, and more
  • Quick answers to my most common questions.
  • Shareable slide decks that you can use to teach your own meetings on topics like:
    • NingXia Wolfberry
    • Detoxing Your Home with Thieves
    • Healthy Weight Management with Slique, and more.

Plus, the benefits don’t stop there. You will get

  • New content launching 3 more times in 2018
  • Invitations to exclusive Club member events (including a free event just for Club members at Convention 2018)
  • Special surprises throughout the year, and
  • Ability to give strategic feedback to guide content for the future.

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Frequently Asked Quetions

  • Can I watch the videos at any time? Or do I have to watch them in a certain amount of time before they go away?

    Once you are in The Club, you will get access to all of the content on the website. Simply login to watch and re-watch the videos

  • Can I download the PowerPoint slides and share them at a meeting?

    Yes! This is what they are for. Use the PowerPoint slides and accompanying scripts to teach your own meetings. I do ask that you don’t download them and send them to other people, and that you send them here to join The Club instead. You may also use them to teach an online class, but I ask that you do not post the slides publically, and that you take them down from groups as soon as the class is over.

  • Dang girl, this is expensive! I don’t think I can afford it.

    Young Living has so many products, and there is so much misinformation online about essential oils. When you are in The Club, you will be able to quickly and easily identify truth from fiction, share information with confidence, and empower others to select and use Young Living’s products with ease. Plus, if you use Young Living as a business, then you are welcome to use this as a tax deduction. And goodness knows education is clutch to building a strong downline with the confidence to answer the toughest questions. For less than a dollar a day, you can unlock the education to grow you knowledge and perhaps your downline too.

Lindsey's knowledge and her delivery have truly enriched my understanding if much of the science behind how and why EOs work. She's a pleasure to listen to/watch no matter what the topic.

Nichol Miller

One of my favorite sources to get my learn on. Great information shared and always spot on. The Farmacist is very knowledgeable.

Denise Parker


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