Morning Routines are Empowering

One of the best ways to keep yourself on track with health and wellness is to craft a meaningful morning routine. Here’s how my mornings usually go. How do you craft your morning?


The first thing I do when I wake up is a morning meditation. Sometimes I will do it in silence, but other times I will listen to a recorded meditation from the Meditation Minis Podcast or from my friend Toby’s YouTube channel.  It only takes 10 minutes and it sets the tone for the whole day. Simply breathing is a great way help flush toxins from the blood, create resilience toward stress, and may help to control symptoms of asthma and lose weight.


Get out of bed and make up the bed. The simple act of making up your bed daily has been shown to decrease rates of depression and increase productivity throughout the day.


I turn on Up First to get a summary of the biggest new stories of the day, and I start my detox routine. First, I take a shot of apple cider vinegar diluted in water.  I use a double shot glass, and fill it half with vinegar and half with filtered water. Then I slam a 16 oz glass of water. Following that, I make 2 fresh pressed juices. The first has cucumber, kale or lacinato kale or other greens, celery and green apple.  The second has carrots, ginger,  turmeric and orange.

And all the Supplements

I crush the supplement game.  Legit. Here is what I take every morning:

  1. 10 Sulfurzyme
  2. 2 Essentialzyme
  3. 1 Master Formula Sachet
  4. 2 Super B
  5. 2 NingXia Red sachets
  6. 1 NingXia Nitro shot
  7. 1 MindWise shot
  8. 4 JuvaTone
  9. 3 Multigreens
  10. 3 droppersful of Mineral Essence in NingXia Red

Depending on my mood, I may add Thyromin, Cortistop, or PD 80/20.

So why do I take all of these?

  1. Sulfurzyme: seriously your body needs sulfur, and sulfur and sulfa are not the same thing.
  2. Essentialzyme: if you can’t unlock your nutrition from food, how will your body run?
  3. Master Formula: everyone needs a multivitamin, and this one gives vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics.
  4. Super B: all the energy, plus brain power.
  5. NingXia Red: all the eye health, and body support in general
  6. Nitro: all the energy, plus brain power.
  7. MindWise: vegan omega-3s, and brain power.
  8. JuvaTone: your liver will thank you.
  9. Multigreens: because all the chlorophyll and seaweeds.
  10. Mineral Essence: your body is dependent on minerals to function.

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