Let’s Talk Tea

Recently loads of people reached out after I posted an Instagram story about two of the teas from my friends’, the Oola Guys, newly launched tea company: Dragon Clove and Peppermint Rush. People asked about the flavors, the benefits, and how to combine the teas with essential oils.

While I loved trying out the teas, I was more fascinated by the science claims on the front of the package. I did a little digging, wanting to find out more about the research that lead to the creation of the label.

What are Some of the Health Benefits of Drinking Dragon Clove Tea?

This tea can:

  1. Support fat burning
  2. Improve digestion, and
  3. Provide a natural anti-inflammatory effect.

But how do we know this?

  1. In a 2011 review article, reviewers concluded that based on best evidence both caffeine and green tea supports the human body’s ability to burn fat. In a study of zebra fish, adding green tea extract to a high-fat diet significantly suppressed body weight, body fat volume, and body fat volume ratio compared with the same diet lacking green tea extract. So green tea may not only be able to help burn fat but also reduce the accumulation of fat as well. Therefore, studies have shown that green tea has important roles in fat metabolism. It can reduce food intake, interrupting lipid emulsification and absorption, as well as suppressing fat production and fat synthesis. It also increases energy expenditure via thermogenesis, fat oxidation, and fecal lipid excretion.
  2. Oola Teas are specifically designed to be used with essential oils. The Dragon Clove Green Tea is designed to be used with 1-2 drops of clove essential oil, added after brewing. Clove has been used by many traditional cultures to support digestion. This is because it may support gut motion and it brings a big dose of polyphenols. Polyphenols help to support the production of antioxidants and this too can help support digestive health.
  3. Just like clove, green tea itself also bring a big surge of polyphenols. Green tea has been shown to reduce visceral and hypothalamus inflammation in animals and humans fed high-fat diets. The benefits go on: green tea simply has the ability to perform a wide variety of antioxidant functions and this supports a total body anti-inflammatory effect.

Now, onto the Peppermint Rush Tea

This tea can:

  1. Speed up metabolism,
  2. Enhance physical performance, and
  3. Naturally boost energy.

What does the data show?

  1. Black tea consumption can help speed up metabolism of fat cells. Black tea polyphenols also inhibit fat and starch absorption, as well as enhance the breaking apart of fat molecules.
  2. The Oola Guys specifically designed this tea for use with peppermint essential oil. Peppermint can boost exercise performance. It may be able to relax bronchial smooth muscles, increase   ventilation and brain oxygen concentration, and decrease   blood lactate levels. Best of all, the effects of peppermint essential oil on exercise performance is immediate after ingestion. In a very short period of time, peppermint essential oil can improve grip strength, vertical jump height, and long jump distance.
  3. Black tea contains caffeine, and caffeine is well known to boost energy levels and improve exercise performance. It is able to increase energy availability, increase daily energy expenditure, and decreases fatigue.

Bottom Line

The evidence of health benefits supporting the consumption of tea is very good and I love the inclusion of essential oils in tea. It adds another layer of flavor and benefit to the tea, not to mention the aroma is simply amazing. Plus it makes the Oola Tea different than other teas that you can find at the store. Order your Oola Tea and start receiving all the amazing benefits tea has to offer. Use this link and you can save $10 off your first order.

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