Annual Clean Slate Cleanse Package

$350.00Price For Club Member $275

Girl. You got this.


You have the commitment and drive to make dramatic transformations this year.


Let’s do this. Three times.

You know what you want.

You are committed to the Clean Slate Cleanse. You may have done it before. You know how amazing you will feel after 9 weeks of cleansing next year. Come on girl. Let’s do this three times next year.

Just as a Reminder, Here’s What Your Get

You receive:

  1. Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can post pics of foods, get links to key ingredients, learn from Lindsey, and read daily writings
  2. Access to a Private Marco Polo Group where you can get answers from other cleansers
  3. Private education and motivation from Dr. Lindsey Elmore, including goal setting, science education, yoga nidra and more
  4. Daily emails, some are informative, others are funny, and others lead you to the kitchen gadgets and books that make the journey easier
  5. Clean Slate Cleanse Workbook, daily motivational quotes, activities, and journal exercises
  6. Clean Slate Cleanse Cookbook, daily meal plans and recipes, complete with shopping lists and allergy lists
  7. Allergen Friendly Recipe Booklet, meals free from soy, nightshades, tree nuts, and peanuts, making it easy for even the most sensitive eater to get on board
  8. Exclusive giveaways not available on social media
  9. A new perspective on yourself and your relationship with food

What’s in Each Cleanse?

  1. Seasonal Recipe Booklet, with meals that highlight fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables
  2. New daily meditation, reflections, and once or twice weekly teachings from Lindsey

Plus, I Like Having You Around

People who have done the Clean Slate Cleanse in the past, and commit to an annual subscription, are a huge asset during the process. You know the recipes, the program, the lingo. You help deliver an even better experience. You are the stronghold, the anchor, the empowered eaters that I love to have on the journey with me. Thanks for being here.

Clean Slate Cleanse

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Clean Slate Cleanse

The Clean Slate Cleanse is non-refundable. If you decide that you cannot commit to the cleanse, and you have not been added to social media groups, you have the option to defer to another cleanse date. Once you are added into social media groups and email sequences, you may not transfer to a different cleanse.

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