Overwhelmed by all the products? Want to learn more about supplements, and personal care and home care products?

What you get


When you become a Product Pro, you will get access to short, easy to follow classes on Young Living’s supplements, personal care products, and home care products. For every product, you'll learn:

  • What the products is
  • How to use each product
  • Who should use each product
  • How to safely use the product, and
  • What key ingredients separate the product from what you can get in the store

Plus, there is new content dropping 3 more times in 2018. The long-term vision is to have a class on every single one of Young Living’s products!

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Frequently Asked Quetions

  • What if I decide later that I want to join The Club?

    Come on and join us! The Club gives you access to all of the 101 and 201 content, and gain access to in-depth classes, short safety presentations, handouts to help you recall tough science information, presentations to teach your own meetings, and invitations to exclusive events. All the cool #farmacistas are doing it!

  • Can I watch the classes at any time? Or do I have to watch them in a certain amount of time before they go away?

    Once you become a Product Pro and join the 201 classes, the videos are available at any time for you to watch. Simply login to watch and re-watch the videos. If you ever decide to upgrade to The Club, you will keep your access to all of the 201 classes. But, if you ever decide to cancel your subscription, you will immediately lose access to all of the 201 content. Lame.

  • What is the difference between the Product Pro classes and The Club?

    The Club is your all-access pass to everything that the website has to offer. From the 101 course, to the 201 classes, to in-depth science classes, safety presentation, handouts, shareable PowerPoint slides, and invitations to exclusive events, The Club is where it’s at.

  • These looks like great classes but I'm not sure I can afford it.

    Have you ever heard me teach a meeting and then can’t find the content when you need it? These classes are the end of your frustration. The classes are indexed and searchable for your convenience. Plus, new content is dropping all the time, so the library will just get bigger and bigger. Young Living has a lot of products, and it can be hard to pick the perfect one for you. Don’t waste money on a product that isn’t right for you: become a Product Pro and make the right choice from the get go. Plus, if you use Young Living as a business, then you are welcome to use this as a tax deduction.

Lindsey is my spirit animal! She’s funny, witty, super smart, beautiful and all knowing of everything science related! I love following her learning all about our YL products!

Melissa Ford

The Farmacist speaks my language. (not a pharm. myself, but a nurse that needs to know the "whys" of a product) Always gives just the right amount of information in a way that doesn't overwhelm but covers well the subject. Also, you're very attune to the most current murmuring or questions out there. Thank you!

Connie Sizemore


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