ART Gentle Cleanser promotes healthy skin as it washes away impurities with a soft, gentle lather.

What It’s For

Besides giving it a beautiful scent, the essential oils and botanicals in ART Gentle Cleanser will leave your face naturally renewed and radiant. It also contains naturally-occurring antimicrobial agents for a superior clean. Gentle and mild, you can use this cleanser daily to keep face clean a refreshed without stripping skin of necessary oils and moisture.

Ingredient Highlight

Like many other ART products, this face wash contains orchid flower extracts, which combat free radicals to help protect and repair skin damage. It also contains essential oils of Melissa, frankincense, lavender, and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. These oils fortify the cleanser with antioxidants that help keep skin young and healthy looking.

Who Should Use ART Gentle Cleanser

Anyone looking for a premium facial cleanser without harsh chemicals will enjoy using this face wash. The mild foam wash is suitable for men, women, and even children and teens. Because of the unique foam pump, a little bit goes a long way to make this cleanser affordable and efficient.

Companion Products

Check out the entire line of ART beauty products, such as ART Intensive Moisturizer, to update your skincare routine. For a little extra pampering for your skin, try Essential Beauty Serum.

Don’t Have ART Gentle Cleanser?

You may want to try Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil instead. You can also check out Orange Blossom Facial Wash, which is a favorite among teenagers as well as adults with oily or combination skin.

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