BLM Capsules, which stands for bones, ligaments and muscles, supports normal bone and joint health. This supplement is great for occasional use to relieve joint discomfort or for regular use for overall joint support.

What It’s For

BLM Capsules encourage joint health as well as encouraging healthy lubrication and fluid movement in and around joints. It can soothe achy joints and help reduce inflammation, as well as provide nutrients necessary for proper cell function.

Ingredient Highlight

MSM is needed by every cell in our bodies. It is especially beneficial to connective tissue, such as that found in every joint in the body. BLM also contains glucosamine sulfate, a compound naturally found within the cartilage of joints. It serves as a natural shock-absorber and lubricates joints. It also plays a part in the construction of tendons and ligaments, as well as the fluids that surround and lubricate the joints.

Who Should Use BLM Capsules

Whether you want to prevent joint or bone discomfort due to aging and normal daily activities, or you already are experiencing occasional discomfort, BLM Capsules may be a good choice for you. You can even use this supplement, in powdered form, with your animals.

Companion Products

NingXia Red is a wonderful antioxidant drink that can also provide joint support. If you want to amp up your bone health, check out MegaCal or Super Cal Plus.

Don’t Have BLM Capsules?

Try AgilEase instead. They contain many of the same ingredients, plus turmeric, frankincense resin, and a few more that are great for joint health.

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