Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Flakes Cereal is a nourishing morning meal the whole family will enjoy. Made with ancient einkorn grain, this cereal is a wholesome breakfast or quick snack that you can feel great about. Whether you need a way to fuel up before a busy day or want to sneak a late-night treat, Einkorn Flakes Cereal will be your go-to cold cereal choice.

What I Love About Einkorn Flakes Cereal

  • It offers a truly clean, wholesome cereal option.
  • This cereal contains no sugar, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.
  • It is made from a few great, simple ingredients.
  • Einkorn’s natural genetic code & low level of gluten make it easier to digest as well as enabling our bodies to unlock more nutrition from the cereal.

What You’ll Learn in This Video

  1. Detailed information about the einkorn ancient grain, as well as what sets this grain apart from modern wheat.
  2. My favorite ways to enjoy this product.

For even more information about einkorn, check out this video about Einkorn Berries.

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