Essentialzyme is a supplement that can completely transform your digestive health. The combination of six digestive enzymes as well as six essential oils makes this supplement unique and very effective for balancing digestive health.

What It’s For

Essentialzyme contains dietary enzymes that help your body break down starches, proteins, and fats. Because we produce fewer enzymes as we age, enzymes help support a healthy aging process. Since it breaks foods down, it also takes stress off your liver.

Ingredient Highlight

Pancrelipase enzymes help your body breakdown of complex fats, proteins and starches to take stress off your liver. Betaine HCl also supports the breakdown of protein. Plus, it contains plant-based enzymes and essential oils to further support healthy digestion.

Who Should Take Essentialzyme

Anyone who wants to support healthy digestion and replace necessary digestive enzymes will benefit from this supplement. Some people even use this supplement with animals.

Companion Products

Essentialzyme is part of the Young Living Cleansing Trio alongside ICP and ComforTone. For more whole-body nutrition, check out Master Formula.

Don’t Have Essentialzyme?

Essentialzymes-4 is another great enzyme supplement to try!

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