As the name suggests, FemiGen is a supplement that supports female health. It combines whole-food herbs, synergistic amino acids, and select essential oils to support the female reproductive system.

What’s it For?

This natural phytoestrogen supplement supports female glandular function. Women also love the gentle harmonizing effects. Additionally, it provides amino acids that work to increase antioxidant activity in the body.

Ingredient Highlight

FemiGen contains amino acids L-cystein and L-cystine that support so many vital functions in the body. Another critical ingredient is phenylalanine, which supports emotional well being.

Who Should Take FemiGen?

This supplement is specifically formulated for pre-menopausal women. Therefore, if you want to boost libido and support female endocrine health, give FemiGen a try.

Companion Products

Other products that may support female hormone health include Progessence Plus, PD 80/20, and Clary Sage Essential Oil.

Don’t have FemiGen?

Come learn about how PD 80/20 can support female health and vitality.

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