Goldenrod is a flowering herb with bright yellow tops. Its scientific name, Solidago, comes from the Latin word solidare, which means “to strengthen”. Goldenrod essential oil is famed among Young Living men for its ability to do just that.

What It’s For

When used topically, goldenrod essential oil supports the appearance of healthy-looking skin. It also helps create a calming and relaxing environment when diffused or inhaled. It is most famed for its ability to inspire romance and passion, so many couples choose to use it at bedtime.

Goldenrod helps open the root and sacral chakras, which give us the ability to “go with the flow” of life. It helps release frustration and negativity and fosters emotions of acceptance and peace.

Constituent Highlight

Goldenrod essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the plant. The primary constituent, α-pinene, has an array of benefits. This constituent cleanses and purifies both the body and the emotions. It also encourages mental focus and clarity, helping one to make wise decisions in challenging situations.

Who Should Use Goldenrod Essential Oil

Add a few drops of this essential oil to a carrier oil for a romantic massage, especially for men. If you feel stuck in your ability to let go of a frustrating circumstance, inhaling goldenrod may promote release. Its it opens the lower chakras, it may help you feel more open to intimacy as well. This effect is especially noted in men.

Companion Products

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Don’t Have Goldenrod Essential Oil?

Or maybe you are just looking for something that smells a bit less pungent? Shutran is the answer you seek!

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