Harmony is a powerful blend of 17 different essential oils. This blend was designed to address the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of our being.

What It’s For

When life just seems to be out of balance, Harmony essential oil can encourage harmony. Often, one area of our life will overshadow the others. This may result in disharmony of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Harmony helps us balancing the chakras and restore unity. It also assists with releasing stress and emotional blocks.

As an added benefit, many of the oils in Harmony support the skin and help create a beautiful, smooth complexion.

Ingredient Highlight

With 17 essential oils in this blend, it’s hard to pick just one on which to focus. It contains oils that support every chakra to bring harmony to the body. Additionally, it has many oils for grounding, including frankincense, sandalwood, and rosewood.

Who Should Use Harmony Essential Oil

Anyone who wants to restore balance can benefit from Harmony. Add it to a diffuser at bedtime for peaceful dreaming and a refreshing morning. Wear it in a diffuser necklace to encourage whole-body unity throughout a hectic day. This can be especially helpful while traveling.

Companion Products

This essential oil is part of the Feelings Collection. As such, it works with the other five oils in the kit to help remove emotional barriers and gently release negative emotions.

Don’t Have Harmony Essential Oil?

Check out Hope essential oil instead. You can find it in the Feelings Collection as well, or purchase it by itself.

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