The sweet fragrance of Inner Child essential oil can encourage you to connect with your authentic self. Often, patterns learned in our past can hold us back in the present.

What It’s For

Much of our conditioning comes from events from our childhood. Emotional “triggers” stem from wrong beliefs from our past. Inner Child can help with the gentle release of these patterns. In this way, it can offer a starting place for emotional healing from past hurts. Releasing these old patterns and conditioning can increase happiness and joy in one’s life. It may also help ease stress during times of transition.

Ingredient Highlight

Like many blends, the essential oils in Inner Child work together synergistically for pronounced therapeutic effects. This blend features blue tansy, ylang ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, tangerine, orange, spruce, lemongrass, and neroli.

Who Should Use Inner Child Essential Oil

The sweet citrusy fragrance of Inner Child is wonderful to diffuse when facing old hurts or working to overcome past trauma. Adults, children, and even animals can experience freedom through overcoming these patterns.

Companion Products

Inner Child is part of the Feelings Collection. You can use it following the protocol in the kit or as a stand alone oil to help with forgiving yourself and others. Some people also report good results when using Inner Child alongside SARA for emotional work.

Don’t Have Inner Child Essential Oil?

Trauma Life essential oil blend can also help with releasing events and triggers.

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