When your child needs a solution for all his or her owies —whether physical or emotional— KidScents Owie essential oil comes to the rescue. This gentle blend soothes irritation and calms hurt feelings at the same time.

What It’s For

KidScents Owie is a gentle blend that can calm minor skin irritations and support the appearance of healthy skin. The relaxing aroma relieves minor stress and emotional hurts. The blend is pre-diluted, so parents need not worry about applying to children to ease all their owies!

It can even help to alleviate and release childhood emotions carried into adulthood.

Ingredient Highlight

This therapeutic blend combines grand fir, helichrysum, tea tree, elemi, cistus, hinoki, and clove essential oils. These oils not only support skin, they also provide emotional support for little ones with hurt feelings.

Who Should Use KidScents Owie Essential Oil

Although this oil is formulated for children, many adults can benefit from the emotional support from Owie. Anyone with minor skin irritations will appreciate the soothing relief of this gently cooling blend. Even pets will enjoy the therapeutic aroma and benefits of Owie.

Companion Products

Check out the entire KidScents line of essential oils formulated specifically for children. KidScents Lotion can also soothe irritation, especially from dry skin. Purification Essential Oil blend is another choice people reach for to help soothe skin complaints.

Don’t Have KidScents Owie Essential Oil?

Try Purification to soothe skin irritations, and check out Trauma Life if you need more help handling emotional hurts.

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