Lavender: People use it for so many things, it’s been dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils. The classic, relaxing aroma makes a great perfume, eases tension, and improves the complexion.

What It’s For

The clean, floral aroma of lavender essential oil enhances relaxation and promotes good sleep. The gentle aroma smells wonderful in a diffuser to remove odors and encourage a peaceful atmosphere. Moms love this essential oil because it is gentle and soothing to minor scrapes, cuts, burns, and bruises. Additionally, lavender softens skin and improves complexion. For this reason, we find it in many soaps, lotions, and other beauty products.

Constituent Highlight

Linalool is the active constituent that gives lavender its classic scent. It is a terpene that is most noted for its ability to relax the nerves and emotions. However, linalool also acts as an anti-inflammatory. As an added bonus, insects don’t like this constituent.

Who Should Use Lavender Essential Oil

Everyone. I repeat: everyone. If you don’t have this classic, gateway oil in your collection, go order it now! You will enjoy the numerous benefits; from skin-soothing properties, to relaxing and de-stressing, to freshening a room and promoting emotional wellness.

Companion Products

This is an essential oil that works amazingly well in so many different blends. Combine it with just about any other oil(s), and enjoy the light floral fragrance. Some people especially enjoy it blended with orange or tangerine essential oils. You may also want to try adding it to your favorite facial moisturizer, like the ART Intensive Moisturizer.


It is used for almost everything. Many people know about diffusing lavender essential oil at bedtime, so I wanted to think of some new and creative ways to use lavender.  What are your Top Ten Uses for Lavender Essential Oil? So here we go: in no particular order, I offer you ten innovative, creative and cool ways to use lavender.

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