Mineral Essence is a full-spectrum mineral complex enhanced with essential oils. Finally, there’s a mineral supplement that provides ionic minerals in their natural ratios! Additionally, these are the most fully and quickly absorbed form of minerals available.

What It’s For

Every body function is contingent on minerals, so this blend supports the overall workings of the body. Essential minerals provide baseline ingredients to supplement a healthy diet. Likewise, even a poor diet can benefit from the mineral supplementation of this product.

Ingredient Highlight

The key ingredient in Mineral Essence is royal jelly, which is rich in amino acids, minerals and Vitamins B5 and B6. Honey provides another source of amino acids, vital minerals and B vitamins.

Who Should Take Mineral Essence

Because trace minerals are vital for almost every biochemical process in the body, this supplement is perfect for just about anyone wanting to support healthy growth, metabolism, absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.

Companion Products

Many people do not love the flavor of Mineral Essence. Try it mixed with NingXia Red! Some other supplements that provide core nutrition include Super Cal Plus and OmegaGize³.

Don’t Have Mineral Essence?

Master Formula also supplies some vital vitamins and minerals.

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