It is so important to choose mineral sunscreen instead of chemical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens contain risky ingredients that generate free radicals on the skin. Plus chemical sunscreens can degrade coral reefs and interfere with reef reproduction. Bad for you and the environment! In this video we’ll talk about the value of mineral sunscreen.

This particular Mineral Sunscreen Lotion from Young Living has an SPF of 50 and carries the Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation as a way to reduce the risk of skin cancer when used daily as a sunscreen. It also contains skin soothing essential oils like helichrysum, lavender, myrrh, carrot seed, and frankincense.

It is labeled as an over the counter drug and the active ingredient is zinc oxide. Gone are the days of thick, pasty zinc oxide. This sunscreen glides on smooth, and is tough enough to last through 80 minutes of sweating or swimming.

In this Video, You’ll Learn

  1. How to use this sunscreen lotion
  2. The benefits of mineral sunscreen versus chemical sunscreen
  3. The specific benefits of non-nano zinc oxide compared to nano zinc oxide

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