NingXia Nitro is one of my favorite Young Living supplements that provides a powerful rage of support for athletic performance as well as a boost in cognition. When you need a midday boost, this product is a game changer. So skip the sugary sodas and energy drinks, and reboot with NingXia Nitro.

Infused with essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract, NingXia Nitro supports alertness, as well as cognitive and physical fitness. Whether you need a brain boost or added energy for your workout, NingXia Nitro has what you need! And with the small, convenient packaging, Nitro fits easily in your desk, gym bag, or purse.

Some of My Favorite Uses for NingXia Nitro

  1. Take a shot of Nitro when your early-morning routine demands alertness and a quick start to the day—especially after a restless night’s sleep!
  2. Use it to help you stay your sharpest through the school or work day.
  3. Store Nitro in your gym bag for a boost during your workout.
  4. Pack Nitro while travelling to help you stay alert and upbeat for all your adventures.

What You’ll Learn in this Video

  1. Who should take this product, as well as cautions for use.
  2. How to take Nitro and when is the best time to use it.
  3. My favorite way to use this energy boosting supplement.

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