Energize your beauty routine with Young Living’s Orange Blossom Facial Wash. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, this face wash is great for sensitive skin. In addition to reducing surface oils, this facial wash removes dirt and makeup without making your skin feel overly dry or tight.

What I Love About Orange Blossom Facial Wash

  • This hypoallergenic face wash is great for normal-oily skin.
  • It leaves behind no pore-clogging residue.
  • It is completely vegan and contains no gluten, soy, wheat, nut, or dairy products.
  • The new foaming pump dispenses just the right amount.
  • It works beautifully followed by the Orange Blossom Moisturizer.

In This Video, You’ll Learn

  1. What’s new with the reformulation of Orange Blossom Facial Wash.
  2. Who can best benefit from using it.
  3. All about ingredients and how they can benefit your skincare routine.
  4. How to use this foaming face wash.

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