PD 80/20 is a dietary supplement formulated to support the endocrine system. As the simplest hormone supplement offered by Young Living, it contains only two ingredients to help restore hormone balance, as well as impact mental acuity and memory.

What It’s For

As we age, our body’s ability to produce DHEA and pregnenolone begins to decline. This supplement supplies both of these vital hormones to support the endocrine system and improve memory and cognition.

Ingredient Highlight

PD 80/20 contains 80% pregnenolone and 20% DHEA. Pregnenolone is the key precursor for the body’s production of estrogen, DHEA, and progesterone. DHEA is involved in maintaining the health of the cardiovascular and immune systems. These hormones also provide basic building blocks for sex steroid synthesis and support normal bone health.

Who Should Take PD 80/20

This supplement is specifically for men and women over the age of 20 who need endocrine support. Because of the very high dose of DHEA in this supplement, use caution. Additionally, watch the video to learn who should avoid taking this supplement.

Companion Products

Other products that support hormonal balance include Regenolone Moisturizing Cream, Progessence Plus, and Endoflex Vitality.

Don’t Have PD 80/20?

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