Peace & Calming essential oil is a gentle, sweet blend of ylang ylang, orange, tangerine, patchouli, and blue tansy. This oil is a wonderful addition to your meditation or bedtime routine. The comforting, fresh aroma of this blend creates a relaxing, yet uplifting, environment. As one of the essential oil blends included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, everyone can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful blend.

My Favorite Uses for Peace & Calming:

  • Use it to set the tone for yours or your children’s bedtime ritual.
  • Diffuse it while studying or completing homework.
  • It is so versatile: it can be relaxing for some people, while it is invigorating to others.
  • The sweet citrus aroma also makes a great perfume.

Curious about the difference between this blend and Peace & Calming II? Check out this Master Class, where I compare and contrast the two.

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