Roman Chamomile essential oil encourages feelings of peace and relaxation. It calms the body as well as the mind with its sweet, soft aroma.

What It’s For

For topical applications, roman chamomile soothes muscles as well as skin. It softens and moisturizes dry, stressed skin and improves overall complexion. This essential oil is a key ingredient in many blends for relaxation, including Surrender, Gentle Baby, Tranquil Roll-On, and SleepyIze. This is because of its calming aroma.

Constituent Highlight

Roman chamomile contains up to 75% plant esters. Esters are known to be very calming to nerves and soothing to the mind and emotions. This compound also supports skin and reduces inflammation.

Who Should Use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

The gentle aroma of Roman chamomile is suitable for adults, children, and animals. Use it in the diffuser to help relieve occasional sleeplessness or stress. During the practice of yoga, Roman chamomile can help focus the mind during tough poses. It also makes a wonderful addition to a skincare routine. Try my favorite all-over skin spray found here.

Companion Products

For soothing relief and added protection for baby, mix a few drops of Roman chamomile in with Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream. Mom and Dad can enjoy the same therapy by combining it with Lavender Hand & Body Lotion.

Don’t Have Roman Chamomile Essential Oil?

Bergamot essential oil is another choice for a relaxing, calming aroma. For topical applications, you can use lavender or German chamomile.

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