Polish and prep your skin with this naturally derived exfoliator. Made with apricot seed powder, Satin Facial Scrub gently lifts and removes dry, dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin. It is gentle enough to use several times a week, while still effectively removing dead skin cells. Because it gently preps your face to encourage absorption, Satin Facial Scrub will help you get the most out of other skin care implements. Plus, it has pure peppermint essential oil for a minty scent and tingly fresh feel.

My favorite things about Satin Facial Scrub:

  • It helps prepare the skin and remove dead skin so that it absorbs serums, moisturizer, and other products more effectively.
  • Peppermint essential oil not only adds a fresh aroma, it helps to open pores so purifying ingredients penetrate deeply.
  • It is gentle, yet effective for promoting a smoother, clear complexion.

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