Sulfurzyme is a supplement from Young Living that combines MSM with wolfberry. As a sulfur donor, MSM supplies this vital building block nutrient to your cells. Sulfur is so important for healthy hair, skin, nails, and connective tissues. In fact, it is a key building block of every single cell membrane in your body.

The wolfberries in Sulfurzyme provide minerals that help your body with the assimilation of sulfur, so you can utilize it more efficiently. Additionally, they provide a great source of antioxidants that protect from free radical damage.

Who Should Use Sulfurzyme

  • Anyone looking to support healthy joints.
  • Athletes who want to protect their body from injury, as well as support their recovery after exercise.
  • Literally almost everyone!

In this Video You’ll Learn

  1. How sulfur is used by the body.
  2. The difference between the Sulfurzyme powder and capsules.
  3. The best time and ways to take this supplement.

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  • Kayla Blackburn

    This is so helpful thank you for sharing your knowledge Lindsey.

    • Lindsey Elmore

      You’re so welcome!

  • Hannah Brandenburg

    ‘been exposed to food or dirt…’ 😀 I love how you simplify chemistry for the average person.

    • Lindsey Elmore

      I try to keep things simple!

  • Rachel Betts

    Thanks for such clear information! I do always wonder though what “as needed” means? How do I know? (I recently saw that you take a lot of this & I wondered about it.)

    • Lindsey Elmore

      If you need additional joint support or if you have additional need for sulfur to help detoxify, then you can take more!

  • Wendy Haney

    Great video. Do you have a transcript of the video?

    • Lindsey Elmore

      We are working on transcripts for all videos!

  • Kim Wilhelmson

    Love taking this product! I use it in conjunction with BLM LOVE!!!!

    • Lindsey Elmore


  • Jill M Noriega

    Thank you for explaining what happens to me when I take Sulfa medicines. Is it weird that it usually takes 5-7 days of the medicine before the rash and other allergic recti9ns start? Been taking Sulfurzyme powder for over a year. I use the pills for traveling with the supplement.

    • Lindsey Elmore

      Yep! The reactions can definitely be delayed

      • Christina Neuville

        Can this be taken while nursing?

        • Caylee Wheeler

          It is totally up to you! Be sure to check out the Pregnancy and Lactation Master Class, where Lindsey talks all about the products that are safe to consume while you are nursing. 🙂

  • Eleanor Ennis

    My video stopped at 6 minutes.

    • Lindsey Elmore

      Hey Eleanor! The video is working great on our end. Maybe restart your computer and try again! Gotta see that last 3 minutes.

  • Wendy & Kevin Haney

    If I am taking this for reducing inflammation does this work on the joints also, or would Agilease cover that ? I don’t want to take Sulfurzyme and agilease together if not needed to reduce inflammation.

    • Lindsey Elmore

      Both are labeled to help with acute inflammation. I only choose to take Sulfurzyme, but know plenty of athletes who choose to take both. They are safe to use together, some people just find it unnecessary.

  • Laura Bales

    wonderful information, thank you for the tips on pregnancy, love how your info helps me with doula questions from my clients

    • Caylee Wheeler

      We are so glad you are loving all of the content!

  • brenda wallenberg

    I love this product.

  • Kristin Schulz

    Hi Lindsey. Can you elaborate on the dosage of Sulfurzyme? What are the effects of taking MSM? – thanks!

    • Caylee Wheeler

      Sulfurzyme is labeled to take 2 capsules two times daily, or as needed. So it is really up to you on how many you take each day. Sulfurzyme is typically referred to as the hair, skin and nails supplement, which has a lot to do with the MSM. MSM has many, many wonderful benefits!

  • Laura Miller

    Can 10 caps be taken daily? I have psoriasis and I am looking for natural ways to control inflammation. Also, I would like recommendations of other products to me to help with the itching and inflammation. Thank you Laura Miller. p.s. I am doing all I can to stay away from biologic injections.

    • Caylee Wheeler

      Lindsey takes 10 capsules every single day. It is totally up to you on how many you consume! Unfortunately, there are not any supplements labeled to help with itching and inflammation, so we can not recommend any. Turmeric is wonderful for inflammation, and can be found in Agilease.

  • Kris Enders

    Excellent info! You explained it so well so that even I could understand it! Thank you!

    • Caylee Wheeler

      We are so glad you enjoyed it, Kris!

  • Debra Deremiah

    Which would help most with post op inflammation (knee replacement surgery 3 months ago), tablets or powder? Can you take recommended amounts of both or??

    • Caylee Wheeler

      We unfortunately, can not recommend any YL products for inflammation, as none are labeled to help with inflammation. When choosing between Sulfurzyme capsules and Sulfurzyme powder, the only difference is the Sulfurzyme Powder contains FOS, which is a prebiotic, and the Sulfurzyme capsules do not contain FOS.

  • Ariana Anderson

    Does this product expire? I have an old one from years ago!

    • Caylee Wheeler

      Everything has to have an expiration date, but we know people who have taken supplements after the expiration date. Totally up to you!

  • Debra Cottrell

    Are there any supplements that we should avoid taking at the same time as Sulfurzyme?

    • Caylee Wheeler

      Check out the Combining Supplements Master Class!

  • Vicky Grimmer

    If the wolfberry may increase the risk of bleeding, should you discontinue Sulferzyme and all supplements containing wolfberry prior to having surgery? And if so, how far ahead?