Ylang ylang essential oil is a tropical tree native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The essential oil is distilled from the low-hanging flowers of the tree. The essential oil has a sweet, flowery scent that is especially favored by women. Aside from a lovely aroma, this essential oil offers many great uses for physical and emotional support. 

What It’s For

Ylang ylang is a prized essential oil for balancing and soothing emotions. When inhaled, it has calming effects for men, women, children, and even animals. It is also great for strengthening and thickening hair and therapeutic for the skin. It’s intoxicating, sweet aroma is perfect for mixing to create unique perfume blends.

Constituent Highlight

Benzyl acetate is an ester that imparts the sweet fruity smell to this essential oil, as well as to strawberries, apples, roses, and jasmine. Linalool creates an environment that is unfriendly to common microbes that affect complexion. 

Who Should Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil?

Anyone who needs emotional balance will benefit from ylang ylang. It is also helpful for balancing the root chakra, thereby encouraging a sense of security. Many people enjoy using this floral essential oil in perfume blends and added to a skincare regimen. It also helps those who are mentally or spiritually drained and helps bring the body, mind and spirit back into alignment. To learn more, check out 8 Ways to Use Ylang Ylang.

Companion Products

Other essential oils that can help balance energy and benefit the emotions include Inner Child, Dream Catcher, and Release.

Don’t Have Ylang Ylang Essential Oil?

Jasmine essential oil has similar properties and also boasts a feminine, floral aroma.

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