Raven essential oil blend combines several minty and menthol aromas into one unique essential oil blend. This oil is not only great for stimulating the sinuses with its breath-of-fresh-air aroma. The oils in this blend balance several different chakras and can also help with overcoming emotional blockages.

The Oils that Make Up the Blend


This essential oil from Madagascar is clarifying an stimulating. The sharp, refreshing aroma can help clear brain fog and increase motivation. To read more benefits and uses of this single oil, check out this post.

Lemon oil

Lemon essential oil stimulates energy and can even help provide clear perspective. Among many practical uses, lemon can also help one overcome mental blocks and manifest abundance. Use lemon to balance the solar plexus chakra and to soothe the nervous system. In this blend, the lemon balances out the aromas of the other sharp, minty and menthol fragrances.


If you are looking for a stimulating oil, wintergreen is a great one to try. It is refreshingly cooling and has a bright, fresh aroma that awakens the senses. This oil is great to use in a massage oil and may also help with adjusting to and accepting new ideas or challenges.


Another cooling oil, peppermint lends a slightly sweeter aroma to this blend. A drop of peppermint goes a long way, whether you are seeking clarity and focus or a cooling sensation. Peppermint supports both the solar plexus and throat chakras and can promote creativity and inspiration. It also combats negative energy and aids in the release of emotions and issues with self worth. Check out 10 uses for peppermint oil.

Eucalyptus Radiata

This species of eucalyptus is a little milder than globulus or  bicostata, however it still maintains the classic eucalyptus aroma. The sweeter, slightly citrusy aroma offers a refreshing pick-me-up. Eucalyptus is balancing to the heart chakra and can help one cope with grief, despair, or inner sadness.

A Few Uses for Raven Essential Oil Blend

  1. Try using raven to promote a good night’s sleep. You may even find that it enhances your dreams!
  2. Create a soothing warm compress. Add a few drops of Raven to a small bowl of hot water. Saturate a wash cloth in the water and apply to the chest, back, neck, or forehead. Be careful to avoid getting any oil too close to the eyes.
  3. Apply before a workout for respiratory support and a cooling sensation.
  4. Get a memory boost. Diffuse Raven while studying or rehearsing to increase memorization and recollection.

What are your favorite ways to use Raven?

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