Celebrating with Friends is the Best

I was so honored to get to celebrate the success of my friend Jodie at the 2018 Young Living Convention. She successfully achieved the rank of Royal Crown Diamond in Young Living. Jodie is so good about giving gifts to her friends, and I wanted to make her something special to show how much I cared about her. So I grabbed a custom Royal Crown Diamond Roll On and a Roller Ball made of rose quartz. I use Oola Grow, Highest Potential, Neroli, Believe, Motivation, Orange, and Lavender essential oils.

Why Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is known as the love magnet. It fosters self-love, love between friends and family, and romantic love. It brings compassion, happiness, and forgiveness with it too. After years of hustle, motivation and struggle to achieve such a high honor, I thought that rose quartz was the perfect way to provide a bit more love and care in life.

Why These Oils?

I knew I wanted some luxurious oils in this blend, because it was to celebrate a major achievement. Believe and Highest Potential are both masculine aromas, so I used Motivation to bring in a more floral aroma. Oola Grow brings a balance of sweet and spicy aromas. Orange and neroli both have a bright energy and aroma to elevate blend. Lavender is an equalizer that helps to balance out and bring all of the aromas together.

Enough talk! Let’s see the recipe!

Royal Crown Diamond Roll On

10 drops Valor

5 drops neroli

3 drops Believe

2 drops Highest Potential

3 drops Motivation

5 drops orange

4 drops lavender

Add enough carrier oil to fill the bottle. I use fractionated coconut oil, and you can use any carrier oil of your choice.

Want More DIYs?

Come check out this post on my travel roll ons! Comment below with your favorite essential oil DIY!

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