Throughout my entire life, I have struggled with insecurity.

It probably stems from my dad leaving when I was a kid.  Though I am old enough to understand that marriages fall apart, and that people fall in and out of love, and that divorces happen, the scars of childhood are really hard to work through. I’m sure I’m not alone: years of therapy, years of self-loathing, years of distrusting any of the love around me, perhaps we all struggle to overcome traumas from the past. One way to help get rid of these negative emotions is with the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT).

Two weeks ago, I completed the training portion of the Aroma Freedom Technique.

The technique aims to identify a goal that you are not sure how you are going to accomplish.  You write that goal down, and rate on a scale of 1-10 how confident you are that you can accomplish the goal.  Then, take a moment to listen to that negative voice inside of you that is telling you there is no way that you will accomplish the goal.  What does it tell you? “You aren’t brave enough?” “You don’t have the skills?” “You’re too fat.” “You’re lazy and worthless.” We all have them.

Next, how does that voice make you feel?

Pathetic? Sad? Angry? Defeated? How can you summarize how that voice makes you feel in one emotion word?  All emotions are housed in some place in the body, so we next find where that one emotion lives.  Be as specific as possible in the place that you identify.

Now we use essential oils.

You first create the memory release blend which is made of equal parts lavender, frankincense, and Stress Away.  Inhale the essential oil as you feel the emotion as deeply as possible, and in the place in your body.  If it helps you can visualize the emotion in your body as a color, sensation, or vibration.  The key is to feel it as deeply as possible.

Sometimes this suuuuuuucks.

You may cry, you may fight with yourself, you may feel additional negative emotions come up.  That’s okay.  Just ride the wave of emotion, recognizing that no wave lasts forever.

We then go back to the beginning.

Say your goal aloud, and rate on a scale of 1-10 how confident you are that you can accomplish the goal.  Your number may go up, stay the same or go down.  Listen to the negative voice. What does it say? How does the voice make you feel? Summarize it in 1 emotion word.  Find where that emotion lives in your body.

Grab your Inner Child essential oil.

Inhale again, feeling the emotional pain, riding the wave. Go back to your goal. Scale of 1-10. Listen to the voice. Summarize in one emotion word. Find that emotion in your body. Breathe in another round with Release essential oil. Usually these three rounds are sufficient to create some dramatic change. Depending on who your practitioner is, they may lead you through another round or maybe even fewer.

Go back to your goal one last time. Scale of 1-10. No matter where you are we now create an affirmation statement to lock in the new power that we have uncovered.  Create a statement that is positive, present, and empowering.

Stand in Your Power

In the last step, we use a power posture to reinforce the affirmation.  Find Wonder Woman, take up space in the universe, bring a hand over the heart and stomach, whatever feels right to you. We then use an essential oil blend such as Believe or Transformation to lock in the new belief. Inhale the oil and say the affirmation out loud to yourself three times; repeat this cycle for two minutes.

Like whoa.

This work isn’t easy, and I’m not saying that it with instantly solves everything that ails you (nor I am suggesting that this is the 100% complete method), but dang it can create some movement. When I did this with a trainer, the final affirmation that I came up with was “I am secure in God’s love” and this is a powerful reminder.

This was a powerful moment to remember that it is not about what we place in this time and space that matters, it is more about conquering the battle of fear versus faith. It is about knowing that the universe will always provide to those who pour love into the world around them. It is about being brave and bold enough to face the deepest pain and look it in the face and say “I love you. Right now, I love you. I love you with all of your flaws. With all of the imperfections. I love the little broken child inside of you who hurts and doesn’t know what to do or how to process. There is only love.”

I am grateful that I went through this tough emotional work.  Cause, dang it, it is better out than in. With the help of the Aroma Freedom Technique, I release the trauma behind insecurity. I am secure in God’s love.

To learn more about how essential oils impact our emotional processing, head to the Emotions and Oils Class.

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