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Headed to Utah?

With Dr. Mike Buch at a European Focus Group

With Young Living Convention just around the corner, you may wonder what definitely needs to be in your bag.  It was really hard to narrow down, but here are 10 items that I would not go without and why. Bonus in this post! Check out some of my favorite pics from Young Living Convention.

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

The Utah sun can be intense, and you are out in the sun more than you think you would be. Walking to and from hotels, between venues, and to and from restaurants can mean you are out in the sun for an hour or more per day. The worst thing about sunburns in Utah is that the air is so dry that you peel very easily. Therefore, sun protection is vital! Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before heading outside, and reapply throughout the day. Worried about the SPF only being 10?  Come read this article on why 10 is totally enough.

Lavender Lip Balm

I say this with all sincerity: Young Living makes the best Lip Balm I have ever used in my life. It leaves lips smooth and prevents cracked, parched lips (easy to find in the Utah mountain air).

With Keynote Speaker Kyle Maynard

ART Intensive Moisturizer

Did I mention that it is dry in Utah? Seriously, for my skin, there is nothing less than the big guns for this week.

With my bestie Tamara Packer

Peppermint Essential Oil and Peppermint Vitality

Peppermint is my number one oil for travel, especially travel to warm environments. This is because when applied to the skin, the menthol inside peppermint essential oil produces a cooling sensation on the skin. When ingested by mouth, it soothes the tummy and helps you to work through all the heavy Utah foods.


Of all of Young Living’s digestive enzymes, this one is my favorite.  I like the convenience of the one caplet dosing and the flexibility to take 1 per day or 1 per meal. Be aware, this is not a vegetarian product so it is not perfect for everyone. For more on picking the correct enzyme product, check out the digestive enzyme master class.

When it comes to traveling to Young Living Convention, it isn’t just about Young Living Product. There are some other items that you may not think of, but you definitely want to bring.

Diamond Gala Ready

Lightweight Water Bottle

I love carrying my own water bottle. I know a lot of people prefer glass, but not me. I’ve broken glass bottles inside my purse, spilling all the water inside.  Glass is so darn heavy if it is double insulated.  If it isn’t double insulated it is going to burn your hands with all the hot liquids, and all your cold liquids are going to melt quickly. Nope, for me, I go for stainless steel.

A few months ago, I was gifted a bottle by Sip by S’well and I love it! The small mouth opening makes it easier to drink than large openings. It is lightweight.

Auctioning off Nikki Davis in the Dunk Tank to the Highest Bidder

Quick Change Shoes

Walking from place to place make it unsustainable to wear high heels, even to and from some of the formals. It is just too intense on your feet to go from place to place. You’ll often see me on the street wearing alternative shoes, and then changing once I have arrived at the event. Whether in my beloved Rainbow Flip Flops (take time to break them in!) or in a pair of Tom’s, I almost always have a second pair of shoes on hand to make life easier to get around with out blisters.

Protection for your Feet

But. . . blisters happen, and there is very little as painful as being forced to walk long distances with blistered feet. Not even gonna lie, I have had so many blisters in my life: from walking the streets of New York City, to ballet dancing, to traveling non-stop. I am well versed in the pros and cons of blister treatments out there.

Post-Convention Hike with Finnish Sales Manager Pii Leskinen

Dr. Scholl’s Cushioned Blister Relief is by far the most comfortable of the options. If you can keep it on your feet. These tend to slide and make them ineffective about 40% of the time. If you are going with a Band-Aid product, be sure to get the Heavy Duty Tough Strips. These are made of fabric and offer so much more protection than the plastic ones! Though not the most comfortable option always, moleskin is a super durable and protective option. This was what I used back in my ballet days. It works better as a preventative than a treatment. Be sure to apply at the first sign of a blister, ideally while it is just still rubbing and before the skin breaks or a friction blister appears.

WIth fellow YL educators Brittany Jacobson, Haley Jensen and Ed Dailey

Lightweight Jacket

Utah weather is unpredictable. It can be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and quickly drop as soon as the sun goes down. Don’t get caught in the cold. Bring a jacket.

Impromptu Guest Host for Diamond Panel with April Pointer, Stephanie Moram, Jihan Thomas, and Courtney Critz

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