What a year 2017 has been!

The end of the year is always a season of reflection. 2017: it seems a year of the highest highs to the lowest lows. My one little word for 2017 was “Learn”. It has certainly been a year packed with lessons.

In January, it was announced that I was leaving Young Living corporate and becoming a brand ambassador starting my own company. For many people, including me, this was a scary time. I know you depend on me for essential oil education, and I didn’t know anything about running my own show. I hope that the subsequent months have put your fears at bay, and that you have confidence that your education will not just continue, but also grow.

Starting a new business isn’t easy, but self-employment is a huge blessing.

The freedom to work when, where, and with who I want is amazingly empowering. The best thing about my one little word, “Learn”, is it gave me permission to make mistakes with business.

I also went into 2017 with the understanding that I was going to have to ask a lot of questions. From attorneys to accountants, financial planners to insurance agents, web developers to videographers, photographers, and designers: they have all gotten questions from me this year.

I overcame frustration from poor decisions such as picking a bad IT programmer and blowing through three assistants before I found one that I jived with. As I watched Facebook and Instagram continue to grow, and with it, the number of inbound questions to be answered, and dealt with the glitches on my website that were frustrating for everyone, I almost broke under the weight several times. Thankfully, I finally landed a team and we are just about to get our feet under us. I hear that the biggest challenge in your first year in business is finding the right team. I will confirm the truth in that for me.

First Book is Out!

In February and March, I basically locked myself in my home and finished Essentials: 50 Common Questions about Essential Oils. Writing a book took more discipline than I knew I had. For more than 2 months, I got up every day at 5 am, did yoga from 5-6 am, and then sat at the table and wrote from 6-10 am. I am so easily distracted that I had to set an alarm for hourly four times in a row. During that hour, I turned off emails and texts, wouldn’t allow myself to get up for water or tea, and stayed focused on the task at hand. It also helped that I was still in London, so it was the middle of the night for most of America the whole time.

At the end of March, I began the extended move back to the US. I could have chosen anywhere in the states to live. As much as I love my family and being raised there, moving back to Alabama seemed like a huge step back in time. Plus, with Benjy in tow, a guy who had never even had a driver’s license, it seemed like an impossibility. I could have gone back to any of the cities I have lived in and loved: Kure Beach or San Francisco, but then a friend suggested that I give New York a shot. Why not? I’d been obsessed with Hamilton for months, been singing about how it is the greatest city in the world, and since history is always happening in Manhattan, I wanted to be a part of it.

By May, Benjy and I were finally all moved over, and the story got more complicated.

US immigration is not an easy-to-navigate process. We expected it to be faster than it was. We decided we wanted to go ahead and have a ceremony even though we had no idea if we could get legally married. Then, when Benjy finally had the visa in hand, ready to enter the country, he decided that he preferred to stay in Britain and, thereby, ended our relationship. Ugh, whhhhhhhyyyyy did we have the ceremony and post pictures everywhere on social media when we weren’t legally married yet? Learn. While the breakup was painful, I am so grateful that we weren’t legally married and could simply break up instead of getting divorced. Even more grateful that I can still mark ‘single, never married’ instead of ‘divorced’ on legal paperwork.

People still reach out and ask how I am doing, and I thank you for caring for me even though most of us don’t really know each other. The truth is: I am better now than before. Every bad experience is just an opportunity to learn, grow, evolve and become more resilient. I am actively choosing post-traumatic growth instead of post-traumatic stress. Don’t get me wrong: I shed the tears, I embraced the suck, I watched old movies, and then I raised my head to the sky and looked forward. Hearts don’t stay broken long in the Elmore household.

The world is so full of opportunity.

Will I stay in New York? For a while, but the rambling nomad in me will win at some point. Will I continue to teach and write? Just you wait, 2018 is going to blow your mind. Will I start dating again? Bearded men may apply for the job.

Along with my friend April Howton, I hosted two dietary cleanses for more than 500 people. The results from going wheat-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, caffeine-free, vegan are so astonishing they make me want to cry. The average participant lost 5-10 pounds, we got two people completely off of diabetes medicines. People had brighter eyes, clearer skin, and better poops 😉

What does 2018 look like for me?

My one little word for 2018 is Grow.

In January, my website is relaunching, and it is going to be epic. Phase 2 comes in March, phase 3 in August, and phase 4 in November. This website will rapidly become the most comprehensive essential oil education database in the world. Watch your emails for more information.

I will add at least 3 new countries to my travel log: Thailand, Panama, and Colombia, and there’s a 50/50 shot I will tackle my last continent, Antarctica, late next year. So far, I am booked to teach in Singapore, Canada, and at least 10 times across the US.

I will achieve my 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate. Selfishly, I am most excited about how tan and buff I am going to be after a month of doing yoga 5 hours a day in Thailand.

I am hosting my first ever event June 17, 2018. Watch your emails and social media for more information on how to learn about the new convention products directly from me in Salt Lake City.

I am currently at work on 2 new books. One is on dietary cleansing which it will be out fourth quarter 2018. The other is on autism recovery. A research study to generate data for the book launches February 2018. If you are a parent or guardian of a child on the autism spectrum, please follow my social media. It would be my honor to include your story in the book.

Also, I am hosting two more cleanses with April. You can join our cleanse crew in March or in the fall, or both!

What I am saying is that 2018 is going to be amazingly epic!

I am so grateful to have you as a part of my journey. Thank you for being you, for living your best life, for having the strength to be you, and for showing me so much love in the process. Are you ready to Grow with me? Cheers to your best year ever!



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