How my journey with natural medicines started.

This is a story that is still writing itself. From a pharmacist struggling to teach others about medicines, to a speaker, author, and empowered choice advocate blessed to inspire others with the knowledge that wellness is already inside of them.

Here’s how it started. During my first year in pharmacy school, I tore my ACL while skiing. Following the injury, I struggled to manage school, rehabilitation, and day-to-day life. After one month of insomnia, I was at a breaking point and conventional medicine was not getting to the root of the problem. A chiropractor suggested that I see an acupuncturist for an appointment.

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My first treatments

I arrived at the acupuncture appointment in tears. Nothing magical happened in this first visit. I did not fall into a deep sleep on the table. I did not go home and sleep through the night. But, I did make a few small changes to my day. I drank a little apple cider vinegar in the morning; I rested my mind and body during the day; and I switched from lattes to green tea. I felt some better, and within a week was sleeping through the night some nights.

I returned for a second visit a week later. My doctor pointed out to me that my smile had returned. Though my initial symptom was not fully resolved, I had made some progress.

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A major shift in perception

After several months of work with the acupuncturist, I realized that health is not something that happens overnight, it is a series of choices day by day that add up over time. I became more conscious of my diet, started going to exercise classes that were more about harmony and quiet energy versus muscles and weight loss. I planted a garden, and I learned to meditate. I started teaching classes far outside of my realm as a pharmacist: classes on plant-based diets and natural, do-it-yourself beauty products. In day-to-day pharmacy practice, I collaborated with patients and physicians to streamline medicines and, hopefully, inspired their wellness journey.

And then essential oils happened...

I never in my life have found something as empowering and transformative as essential oils. From the moment I sat with my first bottle of Roman chamomile, I knew my life was about to take off in a new direction. I don't know how, but the shift was immediate. I dove into learning, and bought every book I could find, and researched evidence behind the use of essential oils.

I made the conscious choice to dedicate my life to teaching others about products that have changed my life for the better. I left pharmacy practice, and fully committed my life to teaching and learning.

I now travel the world teaching others how to fully embrace their own power, how to practice daily self care, and how to show kindness and compassion to others. I turn complicated science into easy-to-understand stories. I inspire dreamers to take action. I empower people to make tough decisions.

My journey continues to evolve. I remain a licensed pharmacist in three states and a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist. I am proud to be a pharmacist, and honored to combine so many different approaches to health. I am certified in vinyasa flow, yin yoga, Aroma Yoga®, and the Aroma Freedom Technique. I am committed to life-long learning, and I am honored to have you learning with me!

My background as a chemist, pharmacist, and board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist makes me a reliable source of information. My quirky personality and silly stories about health are easy to remember. This website will teach you how to trust your inner voice, take care of yourself and others, and find a greater purpose. The lifestyle I am empowering is the one of your dreams. Let's dream big together.

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