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EP 15

15. Finding Your Spiritual Path with the Guidance of Two Woke Men.

Scott Ware and Toby Gant

Lindsey interviews some truly woke men, who are on a mission to support others on their own spiritual paths.

EP 14

14. Radical Self Acceptance.

Virgie Tovar, Komal Pandya and Dayna Mott.

Lindsey and her guests tackle one of the biggest issues that women face: lack of self acceptance.

EP 13

13. Achieving Your Dream One Obstacle at a Time.

Joy Womack, Chelsea Tenney, Kate Lyons, and Haylee Crowley

Lindsey interviews three women that are facing obstacles in order to achieve their dream.

EP 12

12. Taking Control of Your Health through Diet.

Amanda Nighbert and Dr. Vivian Chen.

Lindsey tackles another issue that many women face: figuring out a healthy diet.

EP 11

11. A Discussion on Human Rights.

Ben Cooley and Naomi Ackerman

In today's episode, Lindsey is talking with two incredible humanitarians.

EP 10

10. Get Yourself Some Sleep.

Mollie McGlocklin

In this episode, Lindsey talks with the founder of Sleep is a Skill, Mollie McGlocklin, to discuss all things rest.

EP 9

9. Talking to Your Kids About Sex.

Emily Gaudreau

Sitting down with Emily Gaudreau to navigate talking with your children about sex.

EP 8

8. Embodying Your Authentic Self.

Melissa Koehler and Carol Tuttle

In this week’s episode, Lindsey challenges women to fully embody their authentic self.

EP 7

7. Getting More Out of Every Moment.

Tonya Dalton and Jenny Fenig

In episode seven, Lindsey tackles the age-old complaint, “I don’t have enough time.”