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EP 64

64. Healing Anxiety Naturally.

Heather Rider and Stacy Tiegs

More than 40 million adults suffer from anxiety, which is about 20% of the US population, and only 40% of people suffering get the adequate treatment that they need.

EP 63

63. How to Create Healthier Social Media.

Natalie Morgan

Does social media cause more harm than good? Originally intended to connect people with one another, it seems social media has taken on a life of its own — for better or for worse.

EP 62

62. Are We in Control of Our Medical Freedom?

Dr. John Kim

In today’s episode, Lindsey interviews Dr. John Kim, a pharmacist in charge of Robinson Drug and Compounding Center.

EP 61

61. Thank You, Veterans.

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon

This special edition of the Lindsey Elmore Show honors all Veterans. Thank you for your service both on and off the battlefield. This episode features a snippet from Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, a physician who advocates for those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

EP 60

60. Why Focused Protection to COVID-19 Will Save Lives Long Term.

Dr. Martin Kulldorff

Lindsey discusses with Dr. Martin Kulldorff how to adequately protect those at high risk for Coronavirus, while balancing the great number of people who are at low risk for infection and death, who want to be going about their daily lives.

EP 59

59. Effective Conflict Resolution.

Jonathan Miller

Today’s show is all about conflict. We all have it, we’ve all been in fights with spouses, friends parents and beyond. How do we become better at communication even amidst conflict?

EP 58

58. Get Out and Vote.

Lindsey Elmore and Team

Lindsey and her team talk about why it is important to get out and vote.

EP 57

57. Sheets, Giggles and Creating a Premium Customer Experience.

Colin McIntosh

Colin McIntosh is the Founder and CEO of Sheets and Giggles, a sustainable bedding brand based in Denver, CO.

EP 56

56. From Burned Out to Blazing Your Own Trail.

Dr. Errin Weisman

In order to be a healer, you must first fill your own cup. Today, we talk a lot about how health care professionals need to abide by their own health and wellness practices in order to take care of patients.