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EP 77

77. Coping With Post Graduation Depression.

Thamina Stoll

Throughout our college years, we are surrounded by friends and professors to help guide and shape our experience. But what happens after college when we are thrust out into the real world, with little to no experience in basic life skills?

EP 76

76. Your Life’s Purpose in the Palm of Your Hand.

Jayne Sanders

Jayne Sanders is an author and Master Scientific Hand Analyst with certificates in purpose, the Law of Attraction and is a spiritual life coach. She uses the analysis of hands, helping leaders, business owners and teams reveal their purpose, gifts, and blind spots.

EP 75

75. How To Attract What You Want Through Thought.

Andrew Kap

Today’s episode explores the power of mindset, and the bad habits that hold people back. Andrew Kap is a master of the Law of Attraction, and speaks on how simple daily activities can manifest in a transformational way.

EP 74

74. Becoming Actively Anti-Racist.

Kenrya Rankin

Kenrya Rankin is an award winning author, journalist and editorial consultant who helps people to understand the role that white supremacy has within our modern environment.

EP 73

73. Our Most Popular Episode: Beautiful Skin From Within.

Dr. Trevor Cates

This week features a replay of our most popular episode to date: clean skin from within, featuring Dr. Trevor Cates. Dr. Cates discusses how our skin care doesn't begin with what we put on our bodies, but rather at what we put in our bodies.

EP 72

72. Why Success Begins With Customer Service.

Alice Warren

Alice Warren is the Director of Customer Experience at Thinx. She leads a team of Customer Service associates who are responsible for providing solutions to what customers need, creating a seamless user experience, and finding out the trends of what people love or don’t love.

EP 71

71. Natural Breast Cancer Prevention.

Dr. Carol Lourie

Having breast cancer does not mean you do not deserve, or cannot achieve health and wellness in other areas of your life.

EP 70

70. Healing Anxiety Through Meditation.

Lindsey Elmore

In today’s episode, Dr. Elmore focuses on healing anxiety through mediation. This includes mindfulness training, attending to the breath, and why this can help to significantly reduce anxiety and allow people to observe, respect and control their thoughts.

EP 69

69. Nutrients, Diet and the Thyroid.

Dr. Donna Mazzola

Dr. Donna Mazzola was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disorder. She wanted to get to the root of how to treat her diagnosis, as well as find out what lead to this autoimmune disorder in the first place.