Coffee DIYs to Add Some Pep to Your Date Night Routine

Okay coffee lovers, here are three simple recipes you can make with your beloved brew. What’s great is that these not only have the wonderful aroma of coffee, they also have some skin-loving attributes as well. Coffee is high in antioxidants that can reduce the signs of aging. Plus, the caffeine in coffee can help […]

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Mushroom, Artichoke, and Red Bell Pepper Paella

This is a vegan makeover of a traditional Spanish favorite. Paella is usually served with mussels, sausage and shrimp, this one includes several varieties of mushrooms, artichokes and red bell pepper. You can be creative with this recipe, adding different vegetables such as peas, carrots, or green beans. This is a great dish for everyone […]

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Confused About Essential Oils?

There is so much misinformation online about essential oils! Do they interact with medicines? Are they safe for children? This free ebook answers a few of the most common questions about essential oils. After reading this book. you can separate fact from fiction, and decide for yourself how you choose to use essential oils.


Steel Cut Oats and Caramelized Bananas

This is, by far, the best steel cut oats recipe I have ever eaten. It takes more time and energy than overnight oats, but the result of boiling the oats in almond milk is well worth it. Caramelized bananas are one potential topping, but you could also choose fresh fruit, dried fruit, or even tropical […]

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Palo Santo: The Sacred Power of this Essential Oil

Palo santo (Bursera graveolens) is a sacred tree that grows in South America. For centuries, people have used the wood of the palo santo tree for spiritual rituals of cleansing and purification. In fact, the name literally means holy wood. Indeed, this oil is great for spiritual purposes. Beauty and Purpose in Death Palo santo […]

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