As Above, So Below

Combining essential oils is a great way to create new blends for a variety of reasons. And it seems there are as many ways to go about combining as there are unique combinations! This post is about an uncommon method called As Above, So Below. It is based on the source of the essential oil […]

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Essential Oil Blending by Scent Group

Essential oils are distilled from leaves, stems and twigs; flowers and flower buds, fruit or peels; wood or bark; resins, oleoresins, or gums; roots, rhizomes, or bulbs; seeds, kernels, or nuts. And just as the source of the oil varies, so do their resulting aromas: light, mild, medium, strong, and very strong. There is actually a […]

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7 Step Guide to Making Decisions

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to look right, act right, and be perfect? Instead of trusting everyone else’s opinion, this guide will teach you 7 steps to make decisions that honor your inner voice, optimize health, and serve your higher purpose. This guide will teach you how to cut through the confusion and decide.


Holiday Travel Survival Recipes

More people travel during the holidays than at any other time of year. Time away from work for family vacations, trips to visit extended family and friends, and opportunities to get away abound during this time. And as much as we look forward to time away, travel can take its toll too. From overstimulated kids […]

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Top 10 Facebook Lives of the Decade

As we close out another decade, I have taken a bit of time to reflect on this dream of a journey I’ve been on. I am forever grateful for all the followers who show up ready to learn more and more about natural health and wellness. So many of you watch my Facebook lives, so […]

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