How Do I Use Essential Oils?

Well, that’s a loaded question. And the truth is the answers are as varied as the myriad of molecules inside every bottle of essential oil. One of the reasons essential oils are so effective is because of their immense versatility. When asking the question, “How do I use essential oils?” you have to take in […]

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Differences Between Essentials First and Second Edition

Within 2 years, I published the first two editions of Essentials: Answers to Common Questions About Essential Oils. Many people have reached out asking about the differences between the first and second edition and whether they need to buy both. When I set out to write the first edition of Essentials, I wanted to create […]

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7 Step Guide to Making Decisions

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to look right, act right, and be perfect? Instead of trusting everyone else’s opinion, this guide will teach you 7 steps to make decisions that honor your inner voice, optimize health, and serve your higher purpose. This guide will teach you how to cut through the confusion and decide.


Warming Muscle Rub

Tell me this happens to you too. . .you finish an epic workout and leave the gym feeling ah-maze-ing. Then you wake up the next morning and feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. Every muscle in your body screams with each move you make. Sound familiar? Rather than suffer your way through every […]

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Ocotea Essential Oil Chemistry and Uses

Ocotea essential oil comes from the Ocotea quixos plant, native to Colombia and Ecuador. Amazonian tribes prize this evergreen tree for its anti-inflammatory properties. So it’s no surprise that it is making a comeback in modern natural therapies as well. Read on to learn about the chemical composition of Ocotea and its everyday uses. Composition […]

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