9 Ways to Enhance Detoxification

There are so many different ways to cleanse and promote detoxification of your body. Cleanses range from eliminating foods and toxins to only juice or liquid diets to those that include an array of supplements or shakes and other drinks. There are benefits to each method, depending on your health situation and goals. But there ... Read more


Detoxifying the Liver: 5 things to avoid and 5 things to consume

Your liver is responsible for over 400 essential functions in your body. It sifts through literally everything that enters your body, so it’s important to make sure it's operating in tip-top shape.


Detoxification 101

Despite our best efforts to avoid toxins, encountering them is a fact of life. They are in the air we breathe, water we drink, foods we consume, products we use on our bodies and in our homes, medicines we take. . .the list goes on. Removal of these toxins is a natural process of our ... Read more

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7 Step Guide to Making Decisions

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to look right, act right, and be perfect? Instead of trusting everyone else’s opinion, this guide will teach you 7 steps to make decisions that honor your inner voice, optimize health, and serve your higher purpose. This guide will teach you how to cut through the confusion and decide.


8 Root Causes of Disease

Many people in the United States live with one chronic condition or disease. This unfortunate truth is because Western healthcare does not prioritize addressing the root causes of disease. By changing the lens through which we view chronic illness, we will change our approach to managing our own health. American Life and Chronic Disease Listed ... Read more


The Low Down on Pre-, Pro-, and Post-Biotics

The gut is absolutely key to health, and bacterial diversity is one of the hallmark signs of gut health. So you’ve heard of probiotics. You may have even heard of prebiotics. But how much do you know about postbiotics? Let’s break it down and look at the importance of pre, pro and postbiotics and how ... Read more


Treating Loss of Smell from COVID-19

Fever, body aches, fatigue, shortness of breath, congestion. . .all of these are common symptoms of COVID 19. But possibly one of the most tell-tale symptoms is the loss of the sense of smell. It seems to be the litmus test for this virus, and can be one of the most long-lasting symptoms. So what ... Read more


Self Care for the Hospice Caregiver

Taking care of someone with a terminal illness is overwhelming and exhausting. There is so much physical labor involved in caring for a hospice patient. Add to that the devastating grief insidiously creeps into your bones. Self-care is critical to your well-being as a caregiver. When you take care of yourself, you will be physically and ... Read more


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Sugar: The Everyday Toxin

Sugar is the everyday toxin. While we are constantly bombarded with messaging that sugar is bad for us, the reality is more severe. The truth is that sugar is likely the number one toxin human beings we consume. Sugar is a carbohydrate that the body uses as fuel to make energy in our cells. All ... Read more


The Power of Preventive Medicine

So many people think that their health will naturally decline as they age. While we can’t stop the process of aging, we can be proactive to prevent many health issues before they even occur. The truth is, the better we care for our bodies in our 20s, 30s and on, the fewer symptoms and conditions ... Read more


4 Steps to a Healthy Mouth

“Brush and floss twice a day. Rinse with a mouthwash to remove hidden debris.” We’ve heard a similar mantra for years, and yet, how do we really know if those steps truly prevent cavities, gum disease, and other issues of the mouth? It may be time to change your dental care routine to get a ... Read more


7 Things Standing in the Way of Achieving Your Dreams

Do you feel like there’s always something that gets in the way of accomplishing big goals? Does it seem like you watch others excel and grow and achieve while you’re always left behind? Chances are, you’ve got something blocking your path. Let’s take a look at what’s standing in the way of achieving your dreams ... Read more


The Link Between Diabetes and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers and the leading cause of cancer death among women. Women with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, especially after menopause. Let’s investigate the relationship between diabetes and breast cancer. Obesity and Diabetes Before we dive in, it’s important to understand the ... Read more