Holiday Stress: Is the Season of Festivities Leaving You Flustered?

Welcome to the holiday season. This time of joy begins right after Halloween and continues through the end of the year. While this season is supposed to be merry and bright, it often includes the unwelcome guests of stress and anxiety as well. In the whirlwind of gift-giving, entertaining, cooking, shopping, and attending parties and […]

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The Vicious Cycle of Stress and Sleep Deprivation: What this Means for Your Health

According to the American Sleep Association, adults need from 7-9 hours of sleep each night. But up to 40% do not meet this minimum. And adolescents and children require even more pillow time. Sadly, the fast-paced culture that we live in is a major contributor. Everyday stress from balancing work, family, school, and other responsibilities contribute […]

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7 Step Guide to Making Decisions

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to look right, act right, and be perfect? Instead of trusting everyone else’s opinion, this guide will teach you 7 steps to make decisions that honor your inner voice, optimize health, and serve your higher purpose. This guide will teach you how to cut through the confusion and decide.


Halloween Wreaks Havoc. Here’s How to Prevent Sugar Damage to Teeth

We all know that sugar is not good for us. Maybe you do your best to avoid eating sugar. But let’s face it, folks, sugar tastes good. And most of us will slip up at least occasionally and indulge in a sweet treat. With Halloween less than a week away, the temptations are everywhere. Chances […]

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Is Your Toothpaste Hazardous to Your Health?

The average hygiene-conscious American uses about 8-10 cups of toothpaste in a year. But we don’t swallow toothpaste, so does it really matter? Because of the absorbency of the mucosal membranes lining the mouth, the answer is a resounding yes. Most commercial toothpaste brands include fluoride in their ingredients. But do the health risks of […]

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