Keto Diet: the ins and outs of carb restriction

Keto, ketosis, ketoacidosis. . .these are names for a diet that is at an all time high for popularity. But the keto diet is actually not a new or “fad” diet. This high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet forces the body to burn fat rather than carbs. The benefits of the fasting state brought […]

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Skin Permeability: Why you should worry about what you are putting on your body’s largest organ

Recently, I’ve heard a few arguments about skin permeability and basically that chemicals cannot pass through the epidermis. Some argue that topical applications, including skincare implements and make up, do not transmit through the skin. Yeah, right. If the skin did not absorb molecules, we wouldn’t have dozens of medicines with systemic effects that are […]

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Confused About Essential Oils?

There is so much misinformation online about essential oils! Do they interact with medicines? Are they safe for children? This free ebook answers a few of the most common questions about essential oils. After reading this book. you can separate fact from fiction, and decide for yourself how you choose to use essential oils.


Health Benefits of Probiotics

The health benefits of probiotics are nothing new to science and medicine. The use of fermented foods for nutritional and therapeutic purposes dates back thousands of years. Although knowledge of beneficial microorganisms developed within the last century, people have enjoyed the benefits of these friendly flora for much longer. The word probiotic comes from pro and biota, meaning […]

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Do You Know What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Everyone knows we cannot live without water. In fact, water makes up over 60% of our bodies, and our blood is over 90% water. We use water for so many things that we typically don’t think twice about turning on the faucet. Water should be a life-giving substance. But unfortunately, it is all too often […]

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