Are you ever blindsided by debilitating waves of anxiety? Do you function day-to-day with a creeping shadow of anxiety threatening to close in? Do you have a tight chest and a busy mind when you try to fall asleep at night and first thing in the morning? Anxiety takes on many forms in todays society. While it looks different from one person to the next – the effect it is having on our lives is consistent. Learn how to leverage the natural healing powers of crystals to relieve anxiety. Likewise, creating new practises to keep you grounded and connected to this new sense of calm.

What are anxiety disorders?

Before we talk about how crystals can help, lets talk about what it is. Anxiety disorders are common, burdensome and costly to individuals and wider society. Anxiety has a sever negative impact on an individuals wellbeing and functioning. Furthermore, worsened physical health including higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and premature mortality are other side effects of untreated anxiety disorders.

Typically categorized by hyperarousal, excessive fear and worry; anxiety disorders have become highly prevalent around the world with global estimates ranging from 3.8% to 25% across countries. As a result, we have a bunch of fear-bears and stress-heads trying to operate in a society with ever increasing noise and stimulus, who are treading water just to stay afloat.

Why try crystals?

Currently, typical treatment for anxiety disorders involves the prescription of pharmacological agents, cognitive behavioural therapy, or a combination of both. While these traditional approaches can be effective in reducing symptoms, one-third of patients will not respond to it, resulting in treatment drop-out and continued symptoms.

Research suggests that beyond treating symptoms, the extent to which traditional approaches are able to manage the ongoing and wider effects of anxiety disorders is unclear. In this vein, it is beneficial to explore different or combined approaches to dealing with and reducing anxiety. The use of crystals is a powerful method or aid to help tackle the wider, long-term effects of anxiety.

Different ways crystals can help with anxiety

Healing crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years as a way to deal with mental, physical and spiritual blockages. It is the energetic vibrations in our bodies which makes us receptive to the energetic vibrations of a healing crystal. That is to say, energy is able to surge from the crystal to you, and in the process can free up the flow of energy throughout your body. This blockage of energy, for instance, can cause discord in your body and create or contribute to anxiety.

Crystals and mindfulness

Importantly, the relationship between crystals and mindfulness also contributes to their healing abilities. The use of healing crystals combined with the education of how they effect the different levels of your chakra’s is important. Understanding what crystals will be most beneficial to you at different times is a great practise in mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practise of paying attention to the present moment purposefully and non-judgementally. Mindfulness-based interventions have proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therefore, doing the inner work that comes with crystal healing will introduce mindfulness-based practises into your routine. To begin your learning about how chakras and crystals interact with each other check out this course.

Crystals and yoga

In addition, the combination of crystals and yoga, work together to achieve reduced stress levels and anxiety. Similar to mindfulness, the intervention of yoga as a meditative movement practise is helping people manage stress and anxiety.

The use of healing crystals and yoga both deal with the movement of energy through the body. Similarly, they are both used to free up energy blockages and enable the free flow of energy through your body, reducing stress and anxiety. Importantly, you should spend time learning about how yoga and crystals can be used together. For example, this course will teach you the foundations for these practises in channelling your inner zen hen.

Some calming crystals for me please

Depending on your chakras and personal energy, there will be different crystals you should try at different times. There are however, common crystals used for their calming energies such as:

  • Moonstone – A powerful gem to relieve and calm stress and to release love
  • Labradorite – For strength and perseverance and to protect and balance the aura
  • Garnet – Revitalises, purifies and balances energy. Bringing serenity and alleviating emotional disharmony
  • Peridot – Reduces stress, anger and guilt
  • Mookaite – A nurturing stone that supports and sustains in times of stress

Above all, it is important to listen to your body and experiment until you find what feels like a good fit for you. Moreover, what is right for you now can change over time as you evolve and grow.

Buy the ticket, take the ride

The journey to self-sooth, heal, and learn deeply about yourself is constantly evolving and will never be complete. Subsequently, it is important to to continue your learning as you go. Here is a great starting point with some important crystals and information for your journey.