Popcorn is such a simple and easy snack, but those butter-laden genetically modified versions are best avoided. Did you know that popcorn is actually a healthy, whole-grain, antioxidant-rich snack? It’s also low in calories! Check out these 4 homemade popcorn seasonings for some healthy and delicious popcorn varieties that are sure to spice up your snacking.

First Things First. . .Tips for Perfectly Popped Popcorn

  • Use the stove. Airpopped popcorn is fine, but a little oil makes it SO much better.
  • Choose an oil based on the flavor you are going for. For example, use coconut oil for Asian or Indian inspired flavors, or olive oil for Italian. Grapeseed oil has a neutral flavor for many varieties of seasonings, whether you’re going for sweet or salty.
  • Use a heavy-bottomed pot with a lid. This will distribute heat evenly as well as avoid burnt popcorn. The lid is necessary to trap steam and pop the corn.
  • Don’t overfill the pot. If your popcorn gets too crowded, it’s likely to overflow the pot as well as burn on the bottom.
  • Don’t crank the heat up too high. Keep the heat at about medium to avoid burning your oil.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Because the flavor combinations are endless.


2 tablespoons of good quality oil, like coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, or grapeseed oil

1/2 cup non-GMO popcorn


  1. Place heavy-bottomed pot on the stove and add oil. Turn heat to medium.
  2. Test temperature of oil by dripping a few drops of water in the pot. When the water sizzles, the pot is preheated and ready.
  3. Then, pour in your popcorn, and put the lid on the pot. Occasionally shake the pot gently.
  4. Once kernels begin to pop, pay close attention. Continue cooking until the popping sound slows to about one pop per five seconds.
  5. Finally, remove the lid, pour popcorn into a large bowl, and season as desired.