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EP 180

181. Being Your Own Badass Advocate

Erin Galyean

What do patient advocates do? Who needs a patient advocate? How can we be better advocates for the patients in our life?

EP 179

180. States & Traits of Energy and Fatigue

Dr. Ali Boolani

What's the difference between mental fatigue & physical fatigue? How does the gut microbiome impact energy?

EP 178

179. Be The Love: How We Heal Through Vulnerability

Sarah Prout

Why are some people successful while others struggle? How can we use our emotions to achieve happiness? How can we overcome comparison traps?

EP 177

178. The Superhuman Expectations of Women

Dr. Taz Bhatia

How are women gaslighted by medical professionals? How do healthcare concerns for 40-year-olds differ from those in their 50s & 60s?

EP 176

176. Regaining Your Health Through Ayurveda

Sondra Rubin

What are Doshas? What herbal supplements support the mind? How does Ayurvedic Medicine and Western Medicine contrast?

EP 175

175. The Biological Switch That Drives Obesity

Dr. Richard Johnson

Board certified in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and kidney disease and is the founding editor of Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology, one of the main textbooks on kidney disease.

EP 174

174. Overcoming Political Influence on Healthcare

Dr. John Abramson

How do politics impact healthcare? How does toxic diet culture affect our health? What lifestyle changes can I make now to avoid disease later?

EP 173

173. Finding Hope and Inspiration in Infertility

Naava Carman

What are some root causes of infertility? How is traditional Chinese Medicine used to treat infertility? How can we prepar our bodies for pregnancy?

EP 172

172. Making a Habit of the Habit

Amy Peele

How can someone prepare for an organ transplant? What is laughter yoga? How can medical professionals find peace in a high stress atmosphere?