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EP 203

203. Maintaining Your Mystique in Menopause

Dr. Mary Claire Haver

How does menopause impact weight gain? Why is a calorie deficit not the best solution for menopausal weight gain?

EP 202

202. Drunk: Why We Drink and How It Civilized Us

Edward Slingerland

Why do humans want to get drunk? What challenges does intoxication solve for us? How does alcohol build trust and creativity?

EP 201

201. Fiber Fueled: The Plant Fed Gut

Will Bulsiewicz, MD

Are elimination diets good for our health? How does the microbiome balance hormones, reduce inflammation, & heal the body? How does fiber supercharge the microbiome?

EP 200

200. Transforming Personal Pain Into Power

Alison Canavan

How important is it to slow down? What is the Inner Critic? What can we do about negative self talk? How does trauma impact the nervous system?

EP 199

199. Smart Animals; Stupid People

Dr. Justin Gregg

What is the fundamental difference between the cognition of humans and animals? What does animal intelligence reveal about human stupidity?

EP 198

198. The Neuroscience of You: How Individuality Can Enhance our Connection to Ourselves

Chantel Prat

How are brains individually unique? Why are our quirks and differences important? How can you better understand your unique brain?

EP 197

197. Embracing Pain to Resolve It

Dr. Yoni Whitten

How is chronic pain managed in western medicine? Can chronic pain be stopped? How can movement help with pain management?

EP 196

196. Better Living with Minimalism

Joshua Becker

What is keeping you from living with intention? What are some practical ways to let go of distractions so you can focus on what matters most?

EP 195

195. Rewriting Our Stories We Tell Ourselves

Ian Morgan Cron

What is the Enneagram? What are the 9 types? How does the Enneagram reveal the story and narrative of our childhood?